Fitness is dead, long live fitness!


This article is written by Ermelinda Brouwer.

Times change, and so does the way we live our lives. From hunting and collecting our own food, always being on the move to ready-made meals and work during which we sit for more hours a day than we sleep at night. Innovation has brought us further and made life easier. But nowadays it seems we’ve made life so easy that we’re sacrificing on the quality of it. And that’s where exercise comes in.

Exercising not only helps you to live a longer life, it also improves the quality of it. Exercising makes your heart and muscles stronger, can improve your mental and emotional functioning and even add to your productivity and close relationships. It wards of depression, improves sleep (and other bed related activities!), sharpens your mind and can slow the natural decline in physical performance that occur as you age (Harvard Medical School, 2019).


We live in an urban environment where the pressure is high and time seems scarce. Between commuting, work, family, the household and socializing you can experience a million obstacles that keep you from exercising. You have too little time, you don’t like working-out alone or you might feel you look ridiculous in sport clothes. You’ve probably tried to go for a walk or run a few times a week or tried to stick to a program in the gym. Maybe you’ve even been jumping around in front of your TV listening to a YouTube fitness instructor cheering you on. All to arrive at one and the same conclusion: It just doesn’t work.

Urban Monkeys offers you a solution that is as simple as it is genius: Fitness at work. We can almost hear you think: “No shit Sherlock. What else is new? Hasn’t that been around for a long time?” But we don’t offer monkey business. We really give you something different.

We infiltrate your workspace with our sandbags, kettlebells, expertise, medicine balls, jumping ropes, enthusiasm, dumbells and a strong will to make you a fitter, more resilient person. Every training is given by one of our enthusiastic, expert coaches with one goal: let you leave the building a fitter, happier and more energized person. Whoever you are, whatever your level of fitness is and whatever you look like. We make fitness functional for you. Strengthening you physically and mentally and making sure you’re ready for all the obstacles that you might encounter in your daily life.

Sounds great right?

And the best it yet to come: we offer all the above right where you already spent most of your time, at work. Whether it’s at the start of your workday, during your lunch break or after a long day of hard work. You can join in on a training right at your workplace or community. Be honest, didn’t we just burst through all your excuses? But, to make it even more irresistible we’ll add a free banana to the offer.

This blog is brought to you by Urban Monkeys, who will be attending our S2M Festival Connecting Stories on the 29th of March. They will offer their fitness training on the spot so you can experience it yourself!