How to – First steps as a Seats2meet host


Congratulations! You have become a S2M host – or at least are thinking about it. So what are the first steps on going from a location to an actual ecosystem? Well, we listed the basic ones! Of course you can come up with more, these are just tips.

  • Invite your own network in
    The people has to come from somewhere, what is better than your own network? Invite them for an event or to work and meet each other, don’t miss the chance to explain to them what the S2M concept is and what you are trying to accomplish in your location. If you have a great story to tell they will share it with their own network, and so it goes! We all have to start somewhere.
  • Show yourself
    • in the location – we provide stickers, flyers with explaining how S2M works and a link showing all the info about your location real time – all you need is a screen. If you want more you can always visit our shop and reach out to us.
    • online – beyond showing up as location in the website, you can also share your awesome story in our magazine, in the hosts and ambassadors facebook group and our social media channels. As always, all you have to do is reach out to us.
  • Encourage your coworkers to check in!
    Half of the S2M magic happens online. There workers can see who are the people they should meet, they can also find people with the abilities they are looking for and ask questions. To access all of that they have to check in in a location, it’s very simple to show them!
  • Connect people and yourself
    The other half of the S2M magic happens in your location. For that magic to happen there is a need of some wizards, those are the hosts and operators! Go out there, talk to the people working in your location, connect to them, and if they NEED to know someone else in the location connect them! That’s how we create an ecosystem.

Again, this are just the basic steps. You can have your own ideas, and if you do, we would love to hear them! To do that share them in the facebook group or here, in the magazine. To reach out to us send and e-mail to Keep rocking!