Fight gender bias in companies with Joonko



The video is a one minute pitch for Joonko: an ‘antivirus’ for gender bias in companies.

What is it?

Joonko is an integration into the companies day to day platforms with which you enable Joonko to analyse the work and interaction of all employees. It identifies gender bias as it happens and sends out an email to the people that can decide to change things. Joonko’s analytics are based on artificial intelligence.

Why is it interesting?

Diversity and inclusion are important issues in HR. But can technology really help to make the world a better place? In this case: do you need AI to tell if there are people not working to their full potential? Joonko claims to help point out unnecessary differences in payment or appointing jobs. But if bosses don’t notice this themselves will they be willing to do something about it? Maybe not, but worth a try! Joonko claims to be effective.

Key take away/Quote

“Joonko enables companies to maximize the potential of their female employees.”

Watch the video