June at Seats2meet: Festivals, Meditation And Inspiring Blogs For You!


As the summer is coming alone, it brings up exciting opportunities.
In this newsletter the coolest blogs, locations, and events for you!

Scroll down to discover the best Powered by S2M locations to enjoy on a sunny day.
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June 21st, Utrecht:
Anne Festival
A day full of energetic stories about sustainable living. Design your own tiny house, cycle around with an e-bike and experience the world through the eyes of an animal in livestock farming through Virtual Reality at the Powered by S2M location Anne

Trends & Entrepreneurship events

-De (on)gewone commons
About entrepreneurs trends, networks, and the future of work & learning.-Financial advise for S2M Network
Get financial advice.

Lifestyle events

-Drop-in meditation
Chill out and relax during this guided meditation.-Urban Monkeys
Let’s get fitter together!


This month improvisation, jazz, festivals are the tags of the month,
even the tags are taking a festive turn!

*These tags are the skills, knowledge, and interests of S2M Users worldwide.

Nice to meet: Amin Rafiee, Blockchain Advocate 

Learn more about blockchain, networks, and decentralization.




Nice to meet: Benita Matofska, the founder of People who share

Learn more about sharing and social impact.





Summer locations for you🌴

Trainspot – Take a break in the park in front of this Utrecht center based location-Radisson Blu Palace Hotel – After enjoying a productive day in the fully equipped hotel lobby, you can enjoy the best of what Dutch nature can offer, sunbathe or even take a leap in the sea, for the coldest resistant of us!

De Smaak van Lunet – Beautiful place in the middle of nature close to the center of Utrecht

-Werkpension Wongema – Want to feel like the end of the world? Have a lovely work&meet weekend at this location in Groningen
-Casa Colaborativa – Work from a lovely garden and relax in a hammock in this location based in Rio de Janeiro


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