Female Ventures at Seats2Meet – 16 januari 2018


Yes, Woman!

Female Ventures is a non-profit network for women with a clear mission:

We stimulate and support female leadership and entrepreneurship!

While still in its startup phase, the community is now spreading over the bigger cities of the Netherlands: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delft and Utrecht. This January 16, on Tuesday evening, our Utrecht Community is hosting its 4th edition in Utrecht at Seats2meet.

We are very pleased to be working with Seats2meet, since this collaboration feels like a logical step. In many ways, Seats2meet and Female Ventures are very much alike: We both believe in knowledge sharing, to let people excel, as individuals and professionals – and we both embrace the principle of serendipity.

Female Ventures events are interactive sessions that are intended to spark participants aspirations. Speakers present themselves in a vulnerable way that make their stories very inspiring. They talk about their positive and negative experiences and end with a challenge: the one thing they personally or their business struggles with the most. The visitors then join in a brainstorm session where everyone can come up with solutions to the problem. The result is a strong engagement from the crowd and very surprising new ideas. Women from different generations with unique expertises and backgrounds meet each other in their shared believe to help each other grow. Every night ends with an interactive networking borrel, which offer the perfect opportunity to make new connections.

Has this sparked your curiosity? Are you a woman who wants to accelerate her career or maybe just meet like-minded women? Then join the next Female Ventures Utrecht event on the 16th of January at 19h! Interested? Tickets can be reserved here!

“TedX Award winning” Lotte from CloudCuddle will tell us about her journey towards the launch of a transportable bed tent for multiple handicapped children. Now these children can finally join their family also during holiday, whilst sleeping safely. Regina from Zorgkeuzelab has the mission to make shared decision-making between patient and doctor a ‘natural’ way of communication. Zorgkeuzelab developed ‘selection assistants’ (keuzehulpen) to support both patient and doctor in that conversation.

To get the full Seats2Meet experience: you can make use of the Seats2Meet Workspaces the entire day on January 16! There are no monetary costs involved for you, but you pay with “social capital”: by sharing your knowledge with other people you meet there.

Please tell at the registration desk that you are from Female Ventures.

We hope to see you there!