Feldheim: The energy self-sufficient village


Feldheim is a German village that provides its own energy.

What is it?

The 150 inhabitants of Feldheim no longer wanted to be dependent on the big energy companies. They decided to create their own power and gas. They built a biogas facility which runs on locally produced corn, manure and grains and now provides the village with gas. Electricity is provided by a wind park, which consists of 55 windmills, and some solar energy. Feldheim produces more than they need themselves, so they sell the rest. Which provides them with a steady income to maintain their installations.

Why is it interesting?

Feldheim shows it can be done. The town no longer depends on energy supplied by the big energy companies. Of course, it’s not too difficult because it’s a small village with limited inhabitants and a limited energy consumption, but it still is a lightning example. People from all over the world come to visit the town and see how it is done. The fact that Feldheim chooses a broad spectrum of energy sources makes it an inspiration for everyone.

Key take away?

Everyone can produce energy. Maybe not enough to become completely self-sufficient, but more than enough to make a difference.

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