Facebook, we are tired of you


This day has come. As Facebook is still addictive, I have the feeling it is more because all of my friends are there then because I actually like it. Do you know what I mean? In the past 13 years, the social network collected uncountable features. The first thing I see are ads, which are bigger than the functionalities I actually want to see, as the messenger. Besides that, I am in a million groups I can never find. And I am tired.

The alienating algorithms made for static people

Another factor is the algorithm. I don’t like this bubble thing. Not because I don’t like to see the things that I already like. But because they don’t show me new things that I might like as well. Facebook, I am not a static person. I am dynamic. And for that exact reason, I would love to see new subjects. Besides that reason, there is the whole alienating thing. When you go so deep in your bubble that you don’t know what is going around you anymore. That also has to stop.

When something works…

The reason I am writing this article is that I was talking to a friend, who started to react to my personal messages to him. YES. Those reactions you give at public posts, now are also on facebook messenger. Enough. I know the reactions worked well, but that doesn’t mean you have to put everywhere. The same goes to the stories functionality. It worked wonders in Instagram, not so much in Whatsapp, what makes you think that will also work on Facebook? Limits Facebook, limits!

All the features

All. The. Features. Again, limits! Facebook has messenger, newsfeed, groups, pages, videos, live videos, status, check-ins, events, ads, stories, plus the primary goal: the connection with friends. This last one I barely see. Since I’ve moved to the Netherlands, to keep up with my Brazilian friends, Instagram has been helping more. And yes, I do know Instagram belongs to Facebook. But still, it’s cleaner, and it is about people.

The alternatives

As I already said, I have been using Instagram as an alternative to keep up with my friends. Whatsapp is another alternative owned by Facebook to exchange messages. Pinterest for references and ideas. I just miss a good alternative for news, as a place to follow only the blogs/website I like and receive their new content in a chronological order. Do you have a good alternative for facebook? Let me know in the comments.