Expert Selection: Not All Blockchain Is Bitcoin

Lykle de Vries - Not All Blockchain Is Bitcoin
Lykle de Vries - Not All Blockchain Is Bitcoin

Lykle de Vries

Lykle de Vries (1970) has been a Dutch Digital front runner for a while. He picked up on Bitcoin in 2011 and co-created a wildly popular Blockchain Explanimation (Bitcoin Properly) in 2014, which has been translated in numerous languages and has well surpassed 500.000 plays. Lykle is active as @BitcoinEvangelist and keeps close tabs on all Blockchain-related developments. He also gives workshops on Blockchain and its possible use cases which are well received and his talks on the subject are rated highly.

The first (reference) implementation of Blockchain is Bitcoin

“This is an awesome, 22-minute explanation of what goes on ‘under the hood’ of blockchain technology. The animated video by Scott Driscoll uses straightforward examples and terminology that will help most people understand what the Blockchain actually does.”

“Possibly the best speaker regarding Bitcoin is Andraes Antonopoulos (@aantonop). During the 2015 Reinvent.Money conference he talks about the history of money and why Bitcoin is such a necessary and revolutionary solution.”

“Why does it matter to have an alternative to the monetary system that we’re all used to? Perhaps this award-winning documentary ‘The Four Horsemen’, written and narrated by Dominic Frisby (@DominicFrisby), can help explain. Frisby is not only a well-known comedian in the UK, but he also wrote two interesting books ‘Life after the state’ and ‘Bitcoin: the future of money?’. In this second book he describes his first encounters with Bitcoin and his search for the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Not all Blockchain is Bitcoin…

“I would be remiss not to mention the video I helped co-create; in 2014, Patrick Loonstra, Sebas van den Brink, Rutger Zuidam and myself felt that something big was happening with Bitcoin, but we were disappointed not to find a suitably attractive video that explained the future potential of Blockchain technology. So we created one ourselves. In this video you get a quick first glance at possible use cases for Blockchain technology.”

“In the second video of this selection, you could already watch a masterclass on the history of our monetary system by expert Andreas Antonopoulos. In this video Antonopoulos helps us spot the differences between Bitcoin and Blockchain.”

“Thinking beyond Bitcoin is something that self-proclaimed Global Resilience Guru Vinay Gupta (@leashless) does best. Check his presentation at the 2016 OuiShare Fest, in which he also gives a short history of computing.”

“In this video, Paul Buitink one of the people behind the YouTube channel and conference interviews Jop Hartog (BlockTrail), Marc van der Chijs (Cross Pacific Capital) and Moe Levin (ABN AMRO) about possible Blockchain use cases.”

“Leanne Kemp (@leanne_kemp) has an appealing use case for Blockchain technology: recording the provenance of diamonds. Using Everledger, the complete history of a diamond is recorded, allowing to detect so-called ‘blood diamonds’.”

“Or perhaps, Blockchain can help reinvent the music industry? Here is a panel from the 2016 MIDEM conference moderated by Allen Bargfrede (Rethink Music) and featuring: Joe Conyers (Downtown Music Publishing), Bruno Guez (Revelator), Vinay Gupta (Ethereum), Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic) and Imogen Heap (Music Artist).”