Expert Selection: Ingenious Solutions And Technology In West Africa

Dr. Monk -  Ingenious Solutions And Technology In West Africa
Dr. Monk -  Ingenious Solutions And Technology In West Africa

Dr. Monk

Lynn Zebeda and Ama van Dantzig are Dr. Monk. ‘Dr. Monk heals the world. Makes it a better place. For you and for me and the man in the mirror. You are not alone!’

Our selection focuses on ingenious solutions and technology in West Africa, one of our favourite canvases for innovation. But watching between the lines, these topics actually represent the interconnectedness of our world. Because why is e-waste booming business in Ghana? And why are coastal communities flooding? With climate change catastrophes looming, the video of Makoko floating school is a beautiful and brave example of what we can do for coastal communities around the world.

Kodjo Afata Gnikou has done it: he built a 3D printer for less than $100, potentially solving Togo’s e-waste problem while at it.

Do you ever think about your second or third cellphone, your old printer or your 2004 laptop? The people in Agbogbloshie do.