Expert Selection: The Collaborative Economy

shareNL - The Collaborative Economy
shareNL - The Collaborative Economy


Harmen van Sprang and Pieter van de Glind are leading experts in the collaborative (sharing) economy. They have given many lectures, workshops and strategy sessions, and are asked to participate in discussion panels around the world. In 2013, they co-founded shareNL, the Dutch knowledge and networking platform to further develop the collaborative economy. The growing and dedicated shareNL team works with start-ups, corporations, cities, governments and knowledge institutions from around the world. The company initiated the Amsterdam Sharing City project and co-founded the Sharing Week. At the beginning of 2016, Van Sprang and Van de Glind authored the book Share: opportunities and challenges of the collaborative economy.

“This video illustrates how we can shape the future of self-driving cars by discussing two possible scenario’s: heaven or hell. Robin Chase, pioneer in the world of the sharing economy, says it’s important to think ahead and make the right choices instead of letting the future ‘happen to us’. This video helps us rethink the ‘wait-and-see-mentality’. Ride sharing promises to be very important for the right implementation of autonomous cars. Real differentiators. It’s time we get used to sharing and make it the norm before self-driving cars are introduced to the large public (suggested by Ananda Groag — shared mobility expert).”

“Rachel Botsman is an innovator and expert in the field of the sharing economy. She addresses healthy skepticism and criticism towards the collaborative economy and the future of work. Moreover, Botsman discusses challenging issues that lead to many discussions in the field; whether platform providers (drivers (Uber), hosts (AirBnB), etc.) are being empowered or exploited, how to deal with inequality between value creation and value distribution, and how innovation relates to regulation (suggested by Theresa Thomasson — co-creator and coordinator).”

“In the last couple of years, the collaborative economy has developed at a tremendous speed. Such new economic models provide disruption and change, which makes the collaborative economy movement appear more and more clearly in the media and on the streets, in both positive and negative contexts. In his keynote, Pieter van de Glind not only explains this phenomenon, but also provides us with a little glimpse of the future: what are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for all stakeholders involved?”

“In this talk at Ouishare Fest, renowned author Nilofer Merchant discusses the truth behind the myths of Silicon Valley. She explains how Europe should have its own approach to creating a sharing economy; a more connected and collaborative approach, which to her is the road to success. We can all agree to the fact that big tech firms such as Airbnb and Uber have shown us the way and the potential of the sharing economy. We should be very grateful for that. At the same time, it’s good to be conscious in Europe of the way we implement the sharing economy in our society so it benefits everyone equally. The talk is definitely worth your while as it takes a closer look at the created myths & narratives and acknowledges the fact that women have played an equal part in the rise and further development of the sharing economy (suggested by Samantha van den Bos — sharing economy expert: inclusivity & global development).”

“Kenya’s M-Pesa counts as the most successful sharing economy service in Africa. As for peer-2-peer money transferring, it would be probably count as the biggest success story in the world! M-Pesa allows people to transfer money by means of a (simple) phone, no fancy smartphone required. It’s a very interesting case study for larger countries in the Global South with poor Internet coverage and limited access to smartphones. This is an interview with M-Pesa’s CEO Bob Collymore on the success of the service (22 million active users!) since its conception in 2007 (suggested by Samantha van den Bos — sharing economy expert: inclusivity & global development).”