Expert Selection: Power To The People

Loe Schout - Power To The People
Loe Schout - Power To The People

Loe Schout

Loe Schout: communication and media professional. With a passion for culture, music, film, history and the power of internet. Working for international agency Hivos. Initiated and developed its internet, media and cultural programme. Now co-founder and director of The Innovation Station.

“Crowdsourcing anti-corruption. From Indonesia to Kenya and from South Africa to India, online platforms are emerging to fight corruption. Enabling ordinary citizens to report corruption, to pressure authorities and hold governments accountable. Shining light on the black sides in the daily lives of many people. This music video from India shows a popular project — I Paid A Bribe — and a song about it that went viral.”

“Monitoring oil contamination. Indigenous monitors are documenting oil contamination in tropical rainforests using GPS, video and drones. Results are used to pressure companies and governments to improve legislation, respect nature and the rights of the inhabitants. This video shows a group of indigenous people tracking and filming how their own living area is severely poisoned.”

“Election monitoring. In various African countries crowdsourced monitoring is used to make elections more free, transparent and honest. Every citizen can participate and report incidents, violence or fraude. Reports are collected through a website, social media and phone. After verification reports are send through to the electoral authorities. The video gives an example of citizens engagement during the presidential elections in Kenya in 2013.”

“Participatory budgeting gives ordinary people direct say over local public projects and monies. Employed by cities in Latin America and Europe, Chicago’s 49th Ward was the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to embrace this innovative experiment in direct democracy. This film follows community members pitch ideas, team up with others and craft proposals for infrastructure projects and then invite the community to vote.”