Meet Experiments with Google, the open source platform for extraordinary applications


It could be that lots of people already know this, and I was the last one to hear the word. But if I can share this with at least one person, I will be happy already. Today, looking at Product Hunt I found the coolest app, Just one Line. Unfortunately, it only exists for Android users. And there, you can draw your augmented reality with just one line, see what they did there? It resembles a lot with the Tilt Brush, the virtual reality which also has its strings with Google. The difference? Instead of spending a fortune buying HTC and good enough computer to handle it, you can download Just one line on your phone. Here are some examples of what you can do with it.

Just one line is cool, but do you know what is cooler?

The website where the app is, I had no idea, but for years I have been reading and sometimes writing about the experiments that are there. Some examples are the Teachable Machine and Autrodraw. The website is full of great ideas on AI, AR, VR, Voice experiments, Android and even Chrome experiments. You can browse all of them on the website.

Include your experiment.

Another point to highlight about Experiments with Google is that although Google Creative Lab creates some of the projects, a lot of others are made by people who are not necessarily related to Google at all. Anyone can submit experiments within the fields that the initiative explores. Not all of them will be displayed there, but it still is an exciting platform for coders and designers to expose their top-notch projects.

Open source

One of the recommendations that Google gives to people submitting their experiment is that they are open source. And so it happens with most projects there. That means you can provide your twist and create a whole new thing out of it. That’s the case with Just One Line, which was built on a previous open-source experiment.