Do It Like a Girl: Empowering Women of


March 8th is an International Women’s Day – a day on which we celebrate the social, economic and political achievements of women around the world. There are many inspiring female figures in these fields, where a fragile glass ceiling does not hold us any longer. But why look far? Looking just around, there are examples of empowering, strong and interesting women right here, at

“Success” could be an ambiguous, open to interpretations, and, possibly, a slightly overused word. If that is a combination of self-actualization, a strong vision, an ability to achieve goals while staying empathetic that forms “success”, then all the beautiful female members of S2M are definitely successful.

Having different backgrounds, personalities, and set of skills, the “girls” of Seats2meet are all united by the idea of progressiveness, connectivity beyond traditional institutions and holding-behind-paradigms. On this International Women’s Day, we would like to introduce you closer to our S2M women and inspire you with their example!

Marielle Sijgers

Marielle is one of the two founders of and a co-founder of the holding with the truly cheerful Spanish name “Cada Dia es una Fiesta” (Every day is a holiday). And her vision and attitude to business and work are well explained by this name. Let me give you an example – during our last meeting, Marielle mentioned that “if at any point of time your work starts feeling like an actual obligation, not like an extension of your hobby – you should consider whether you’re in a right place”. Marielle is an incredibly inspiring mentor with a great vision and many life experiences.
From the early age she had entrepreneurial spirit in her, and would not settle for anything less than becoming a partner in a company she worked in. As a natural leader, she makes the core S2M idea “Connect, collaborate, grow” positively contagious to the network.

Lenneke van Rossum

Lenneke is a heart and soul of She charges people with the vision, and is always there to brainstorm, generate new exciting ideas and make seemingly impossible ideas a reality. Lenneke has a talent for connecting with different people, and driving the company forward with the use of human connections. Having represented Seats2meet at various events, conferences and gatherings internationally, she has the connections all over the world, and with her own example proves the concept of serendipity and the power of connected individuals to be true. I am sure, that in many connections within “the six degrees of separation” idea, Lenneke would be a common denominator!

Nynke Willemsen

Nynke unconventionally calls herself as a “Chief of Happiness” on LinkedIn. She might not score a job in a bank with her non-traditional LinkedIn descriptions, but neither she strives to 🙂 Nynke has a great skill of empathy that allows her to look at the product from the customer’s perspective, to connect with people on a deeper level and keep a peaceful and comforting vibe within the company. Nynke has an incredibly creative mind and a great passion for exploring the world, generating new ideas, and trying unexplored. If you ever end up at a brainstorming session with Nynke, you’ll be sure to walk out with thousands new ideas, new inspiration and a feeling that you just spent hours with an old childhood friend.

Adding International Component to the Women’s Day at Seats2meet

The next three girls are the ones making this Women’s Day at truly international. Kamila Ishalina, Maria Averina and Masha Moisseyeva are originally from Russia, and have joined the team of Seats2meet quite recently. Having graduated from Dutch universities, they have founded Time Space startup under the mentorship of Ronald van den Hoff and Marielle Sijgers and have been a part of Seats2meet community ever since. They are a great example of young female entrepreneurs, running a startup in a foreign country. They are now also the voices behind communications and marketing channels.

Masha, Kamila, and Maria

Masha Moisseyeva is an incredible communicator within the team. She lifts up the spirit of the people around her with her energy. Masha has an outstanding speed of reaction and acts immediately in stressful situations. She is tough at negotiations but still sees humans in people, causing admiration in people interacting with her. These qualities make her an excellent Chief Business Developer in the startup – she juggles a wide variety of partnership, ranging from small student organizations all the way to heads of companies and university’s dean. If that alone would not be enough for a uniquely well-rounded individual, Masha is also a gifted writer, creating many of Seats2meet best pieces.

Kamila Ishalina has a wide range of knowledge ranging from Suprematism art to the algorithms behind promotions on dating apps. She has a great passion for Growth Marketing, and is always curious to run new experiments and implement unexpected marketing strategies. Her unconventional marketing vision has both contributed to growing her startup, and building a great communication strategy at You can probably spot Kamila at some artsy underground event in Amsterdam and spend hours talking about the meaning of life and trend within Suprematism movement with her.

Maria Averina has an incredible combination of several very different talents. She is a qualified yoga teacher, is great at dancing, photography, and video production, and at the same time… she is very passionate about Excel. Even though, she calls herself a CFO within her startup team, she breaks all the possible stereotypes about this function with her wild creativity, sense of aesthetics, and most importantly, her ability to build deep human connections with people. Girls can be great at finance while having pretty Instargrams too 🙂

Girls power is unshakable at Seats2meet, and if someone ever tells you “Stop doing it like a girl” – screw them, and DO IT LIKE A GIRL!