Different ways of meeting at Seats | Locations open or closed?


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We believe in setting up a third space, where the physical world and the virtual world almost merge and reinforce each other. Our focus is creating relevant (unexpected) encounters between people who can mean something to each other.


Hybrid meetings
A mix of physical and virtual meeting. It is not always possible to meet with a (large) group at a location. A hybrid meeting can then be a good alternative: a mix of physical and virtual meetings. Contact one of our flagships locations – see below – to discuss the possibilities.

Online connections
Meet other handsome minds like you! Online in your S2M Passport. More than 30K professionals are connected to the Seats2meet network and are ready to share knowledge with you & answer all your questions. Who are you meeting today?

Check in


Safe coworking
You can come back to coworking as you are used to from us. Of course, according to the RIVM Guidelines. Make a reservation in advance! Simply via passport.seats2meet.com. Top! Then we ensure that there is enough space for everyone.



Are Seats2meet locations open or closed?
Our flagship locations, Seats2meet Den Bosch, Eindhoven Strijp-S, Amersfoort, Tilburg and Utrecht do everything to facilitate your meetings. With smart tools and personal hosts who guide you on a technical & social level. Of course completely according to the RIVM guidelines. Contact your favorite location or make a booking right away.


Corona setup
All our meeting spaces are set up 1.5 meters away. We call this the ‘corona arrangement’.

Social counseling
Online meetings are different from what you may be used to. Social interaction but also the guidance in advance can be very nice for you as an organizer, but also for the participants of your meeting. Our hosts know everything about online interaction, such as: online polls, social welfare, online guidance and ensure that everyone can actively focus on the content.

Technical Support
You can contact us for all kinds of digital, technical and social solutions and forms. Think of: guidance by a personal S2M host. Renting tools such as the OWL (a speaker with a 360-degree camera and 8 microphones that ensures that everyone is always in the picture).


With many new and inspiring events published daily in our event calendar you can make sure you will boost your day! Publish (for free) your event in the calendar and share your mastermind!


Every Wednesday from 1 to 2 we have an online FAQ to answer all your questions around corona, opening hours, coworking, hybrid meetings, future of work or just checking-in with the Seats2meet team. Join here: bla.seats2meet.com/question