Design improvements


As a designer of I enjoy making designs, an improve existing designs. Because is an advanced website which updates all the time there is always room for (re)design. We try to implement the feedback that we get from operators and bookers in the website. If we share our knowledge and experiences together we can make a better product, is our philosophy.

I would love to show you the improvements we have made in the design of the bookings wizard.Things are now more attractive and work easier. In the current version you have 5 steps to make a booking, we reduced it to 4 steps to make things simpler and faster.

Step 2 – Options

Through the feedback we got from operators and bookers we noticed  that in step 2 some people didn’t know the possibility of changing to a different type of meetingspace or workspace. And the possibility of changing the setting. There is also the possibility to book multiple meeting spaces.

Below you can see the new design of step 2. That’s the page you will see when you have chosen a location



This is how it looks like if you want to book multiple meetingspaces.



Step 3 – data

One of the things we also discovered was that many people didn’t understand how step 3 worked. How do you choose and select a company when you want to book or in case you dont have one, by private matter.

So by making this much more visual we tried to make it easier for people to understand. In this way we can avoid as much user problems as possible.


Step 4 – confirmation

In the final stap of your booking we give you a summeray about the booking and give an overview about the extra’s we provide. For example you can set here the time of choice of the options. And choose some extra services like an online meeting page, using event software or the event calendar. Of course you can make a new booking in just one click.

We are very curious what you think of this new designs! They will be live soon.