The day I woke up for the telework lifestyle


It was raining a lot. Really. And when the rain comes, São Paulo become a big mess, especially in downtown area, where I used to work as a public relations executive. I was planning to have dinner with my friends and get home on time to read something inspiring to relax.

But not. A busy day, traffic jam, crazy people with that expression face that says “I have a big and gray cloud over my head” and, of course, I had few things to finish before leave.

No, this was not the day that I woke up for the telework lifestyle. This was one in many days of my life before wake up. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If not, God bless you! Don’t try to understand and follow the next lines.

Well, the thing is that I was trying to do something to make my life and work more pleasant. I was always complaining and this is boring. Not just for me, but for everybody around me. I decided to change. I spent one night thinking about what to do and wondering:

Why do I have to live with this stressful ‘come and go’ to work, everyday, with a previous schedule and without a feeling of being productive? Come on!

In the next morning I quit my job. Here it is. The moment that I woke up. 

I followed my heart and start to work as a freelancer, at home. The beginning was hard because I was alone and with no clients to offer my services.

But life is good and kind to everyone who accepts its kindness.

I begun a journey visiting coffee shops, libraries and every place with WiFi, chairs and tables to seat and work. Stay at home every day is not healthy.

I met a lot of people. I had time to meet my friends and work with them. I found new clients and I was receiving money with new projects. I learned a lot and I decided to help millions of Brazilians that was fired in this crisis that the country is passing through. So right now, there are many people trying to work in a telework model, like me.

gif_3 (1)
Art by Ricki Sahara

That’s why I created the Office of the Day, a blog to share relevant information about the telework universe and that give tips about great places to work around the city (for now I only have the possibility to talk about places in São Paulo and Curitiba, in Brazil).

Now, Office of the Day is growing step by step. It’s great to know that you can help people trough your work, creating something that you truly believe. What’s your story?


What about S2M?

Well, S2M mission is a translation of my own proposal of life. For me, the concept of to be “the best version of yourself” it is something that I was trying to explore since early 2015 and is the reason to discover that the entrepreneurship was the right way to follow.

There is more: I know Seats2Meet only because of a connection that I made in 2010. Can you believe it? Laura Sannes (check out her article for S2M) is from Netherlands. I met her in Porto, Portugal, in the middle of FIFA World Cup 2010. Being specific, we became friends when we (me and my friend Renata) invited her to watch the match Brazil x Netherlands. Ok… Brazil lost and was out of the competition, but we won a wonderful friend.

After this moment everything would change. Basically, this is how I met S2M:


See, connections move the world and make your dreams possible! I’m glad Seats2Meet is moving on with this idea of connect people trough their social capital, sharing experiences in collaborative spaces.

Let’s make the telework lifestyle move the world together.   


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