CUAsia Part 2 – I’ve experienced some serendipity myself!


Serendipity, finding something good you weren’t look for. I went to the CUAsia event on Bali to inform cowork centers about the S2M concept. Seats2meet is of course based on the vision of Society 3.0. We think that in this ‘new’ world coworking is fully integrated in the society, you can work everywhere at all times and that that’s why it is so important for cowork centers to keep their relevance.

What I didn’t expect to find on this event is the following. I participated in a group discussion about ‘What to do with members with bad behavior?’. An Asian looking man told us that he thinks that the community of members is responsible for correcting each other. I couldn’t agree more, but one of the participants – a coworker herself – thinks that if she has a problem with something or somebody, it is up to the manager of that cowork center to do something about it. And in the Asian culture they prefer not to correct each other, because they think it’s rude.

I was wondering why that Asian looking man finds that the members does have a responsibility in this, so I asked him after this session. He thinks that you as a member have a responsibility in creating along the culture. Quite fast we had an inspiring conversation and we noticed that we were on the same side. That’s why I actually – yes, a bias – didn’t expect him to be a banker. He as a banker came to this event to explore the possibilities for them to collaborate with a cowork center. That warmed my idealistic heart, the ‘old’ world is moving.

This conversation turned out to be the most inspiring conversation for me. We both liked the way how we were thinking about the role of banks in the networked society and about the urgency of connecting yourself to your stakeholders to stay (or become) relevant in this rapidly changing world. And off course I told him that Seats2meet can help them by achieving al this 😉
To be continued…