CUAsia part 1 (somebody has to do this job :) )


On my way to Bali

After testing the software S2M for Events together with the team of CUAsia 2016 in the past few weeks, things are really starting! The link to the event in our software is spreading and participants are checking in at the event. It only takes them one click on a button to be able to connect and communicate to all other participants.

I am really curious if they will follow the advice that our smart S2M algorithm a.k.a. The Serendipity Machine is giving them. And especially what their experience will be in meeting the other person. Will they agree that it is a relevant encounter like The S2M Serendipity Machine predicted? I will let you know in the coming days!

Few days ago, I caught a plane to get me straight to Bali. After some relaxing days I have arrived in Ubud. Another extraordinairy place with a good vibe for an event like this. Last night I joined the VIP dinner and the atmosphere was great. From the whole of Asia, but also the rest of the world, people have traveled to this gorgeous island. All with a vision, all with ideas and energy to share this with each other and build the dreams we all have.

The theme is The Future of Work. Well, that surely connects to the vision of Seats2meet. So I will be exploring closely where Asia stands in this process and what these people encounter. I am positive that Seats2meet can add value to their process. After the event they will have a global platform available to share all of their visions, ideas, energy and dreams: the S2M platform. Then they can start to connect, collaborate and grow. To become the best version of themselves. For themselves!

I’ll keep you posted