Coworking, the movement


What I think about coworking is that it’s a movement. A movement of people: freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, flex workers, all professionals who want to work, but on their own conditions. Not because someone else tells them how to work. We call them coworkers, because they love to be in company with other people they haven’t met yet. When they meet each other and start to share their thoughts it might be very relevant for both of them. That’s the added value of meeting new people, you become in the end a better professional or even a better human being.

This movement doesn’t fit in the structures we’ve created during the industrial era, which are still our structures now. This brings chaos into the system, but I would like to see it as a change. This movement forces us to break through the old structures and create new ones. Little note, it doesn’t mean the old structures were bad from the beginning. No it served us very well, those choises we’ve made then were probably the good ones in that time. But it’s time to move on and develop new structures with each other to become a new society. One that serves us all. That’s the reason that I want to invite people to connect to that movement, connect, collaborate and grow with each other. The more people the better, and in the end it will be the whole society.

But how do you do that?

Do you have or know a location with potential to connect to the movement? Maybe a café, an office, libraries, universities, anywhere people gather. Do you have in that location place left where people can come and sit, work, meet, connect, etc? Use that abundance in a good way and share it with coworkers. The only condition you have, is that they have to be open to meet you and other people and share knowledge to help each other out. Then the magic will happen, because you enrich your organisation with a lot of Social Capital, in consequence also enriches the monetary capital. Don’t know how? This research of the Erasmus University (Rotterdam) shows you the outcome of acting in a eco system where Social Capital is used as an economic value. In this way your old business model has now a new revenue stream.

Want all these advantages? I challenge you to connect to the coworking movement, but be aware, the strenght of this movement is the openess. You can’t own or claim the movement or the people in it, so you have to get rid of the control. You can easily use the Seats2meet concept to manage the operational part, activate your location online here.