The coworking trends for 2018 by DeskMag


We mentioned back in January that DeskMag was realizing their global coworking research, and this week they published the results of it. Among the results DeskMag highlighted the expansions among coworking spaces; on average the coworking spaces that replied are planning on expanding their spaces up to 70%. Beyond that, there are more coworking spaces and people looking for them.

The main challenge which location managers manifested keep being the search for new members. One of the challenges that grew from the last years is that work overload that operators face, the rise in property prices plus the increasing competition as more coworking spaces appear, especially in major cities.

When it comes to coworkers, three-quarters of them stated that they plan on working in their current location at least for another year. Another interesting insight is that professionals who are working on a location for a longer period of time affirmed that they are more loyal to their operators, decreasing the chance that they will leave or look for other spaces. The projection is that by the end of 2018 1.7 million people will be working in coworking spaces.

You can see the complete results here.