Coworking and Youth Development in a Remote Village of Bangladesh, Part-2


Some time ago we shared the story of the opening of a new powered by Seats2meet location and the first coworking space in Bangladesh run by Fahad Bin Husne Ali.

Today Fahad wants to share some of his further progress. 

Fahad Bin Husne Ali: “After a successful opening event, it’s our time to start a real action. We begin visiting schools to grow awareness about future opportunities, ICT education, women empowerment and so on. Trust me, all these words are new to my people and sound complex to them. I know it will take time for them to absorb my ideas.

3 of my cousins are also working hard on this mission together with me. All of them are students studying in different universities. I love their passion and the way they help me with everything.

We are now teaching computer science to over a hundred students, 7 days a week in many shifts a day as only 12 people can sit in our location at a time. Also, we only have 3 personal computers, which is far not enough. But we are doing our bests.

We have several programs for raising awareness for women empowerment as well. Working with girls and women is a tough job to do in Bangladesh as we are a Muslim-majority country. But we are doing it by knowing our limits.

We are also campaigning schools to train students about IoT, some cool gadget and entrepreneurship. Below you can find some pictures from our last school campaigns.

We have more than 50 volunteers who are helping us with our work and projects. Our upcoming project called “Clean campus”. That’s when our volunteer staff will help us cleaning up schools around the village since sanitation and hygienic conditions there are really bad.

Seats2meet Bangladesh is on fire. Local newspapers already showed our activities many times. Hope one day we will be featured in a National newspaper too!

I will end my writing by saying: let’s make this world a better place.”

Thank you, Fahad! You are doing a great job, best of luck to you and your team!