Connecting Las Americas: the trade fairs of Sabores del Mundo, Moreno, Argentina

Currently Max is riding his oldtimer Moto Guzzi from Chili to New York in 6 months, to document social businesses that work towards a better world: Connecting Las Americas. Through these posts, he will introduce you to all these great businesses. In this episode: Sabores del Mundo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sabores del Mundo

Hernán and Guillermo are the founders of Sabores del Mundo. Sabores del Mundo hosts and coordinates trade fairs in de province of Buenos Aires, in the suburbs of Argentina’s capital city.

More than 40 food stands and 140 stands with regional craftwork take part in this touring trade fair fest, that welcomes up to 50,000 visitors every weekend.

Cultural integration

Argentine society is built by immigrants from all over the world. The mission of Sabores del Mundo is to provide a stage for that cultural integration by means of local recipes and dishes of the different nationalities that form the country.

Equally it provides a stage for handcrafted products that represent all different regions within the country, crafted by small-scale entrepreneurs and craftsmen.


In a country like Argentina with significant inflation and unemployment rates, it is hard to find a job when fired at 50 years of age or older. Sabores del Mundo offers these people the opportunity to set up a stand and generate a new income.

The next step in the development of Sabores del Mundo is to set up a micro finance institution that facilitates micro-credits to start-up and small-scale entrepreneurs, and educates on financial matters, such as bookkeeping and reading a balance.

All products that are being offered at the fairs are crafted by locals; nothing is imported.

If you want to follow Sabores del Mundo, check out its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.