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Your event will never be the same again!

At Seats2meet, we believe that events are great for connecting, collaborating and growing, and thus we want to make organizing and  attending events and finding right people a more seamless and easy process than before.

Come for the events, stay for the people

Whether you’re an event organizer or a participant, you probably know the struggles of finding relevant events or reaching the right audience and connecting with people present. S2M Connecting  Event Software aims to solve these problems by matching the events created on the platform with relevant participants based on their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, the software allows to see who is coming to a specific events, what their skills are, thus facilitating connectedness and providing an easy way to start the dialogue even before the event itself. Furthermore, as a software user you become visible to others, allowing you to be found by more than 60 000 professionals in S2M network.

The event page provides an overview of the program and address and allows to effortlessly get in touch with the event organizer. Moreover, the software makes it easier to stay in touch with event participants. If you forgot who you were talking to during the event, you can check afterwards and reach out to them through the platform. One of the key benefits of the software is that it allows both the participants and organizers to get out of their network bubbles and get connected to previously unknown but relevant events and people.

Share your skills and experience

This software is integrated to the Seats2meet Passport. If you don’t have the profile yet, you can still explore the events. Furthermore, when you register, you receive an access to events relevant specifically for you, based on your skills and experience, and ability to connect to other event participants. The registration is simple and free for all.

Setup is a breeze

You can start using the software by following several simple steps:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Explore relevant events 
  3. Check-in on the event
  4. Get matched to relevant people

Come for the events, stay for the people.

Sincerely, team