Collaboration and sharing as a operator.

193 is a business concept fit for the future. A future as described by me in my book creates a new commercial playing field, where traditional organizations can work together with the rising class of the Knowmads (did you read already my chapter in this book The business model brings back the balance between social- and monetary capital, making it a disruptive and sustainable affair.

The S2m location concept is a mixture of an incubator, co-working-, meeting-, desk-, event space, the new innovation lab for corporations and a level playing field for traditional organizations wanting to open-up and make new connections with the outside world. Through our software systems, back office- and (public) dashboard solutions (the Serendipity Machine) we blur the real, physical world with the virtual world, thus creating what the American management thinker Joe Pine calls 3rd Spaces. Hence serendipity rules at S2m locations: always unexpected but relevant meetings! That is the unique added value of the concept, almost impossible to copy. This serendipitous principle is nicely described in the book about the S2m concept, written by the German scientist Sebastian Olma. Check locations are free co-working spaces, meeting- and office locations, theaters, retail shops, boutique hotels and the odd golf course, where people connect, create, incubate & accelerate, within a network of connected people.Also traditional corporations are introducing the S2m concept as their in-house innovation/connection spot within their corporate premises. The International Accountancy Firm Mazars ( opened up an in-house S2m in one of their corporate offices in The Netherlands and the University Medical Centre in Nijmegen is using the S2M concept too.

S2m operators are no competitors but collaborators within the S2m Network (‘The Mesh’ as we call that).

In The Netherlands, where we started, we are leading the network ourselves by operating out of the larger Seats2meet locations. In Egypt S2m started from bottom up. A bunch of young entrepreneurs wanted to create opportunities for themselves and started a co-working location. Via the web they found us and started to participate in the S2m Mesh. In Belgium a group of entrepreneurs bought a re-development area and were looking for new co-working, incubator- and desk space concepts. In Tokyo, Japan, an architect company owning and redeveloping real estate were looking for innovative concepts for their office buildings. And they also discovered S2m and now they are our partners in Japan. Our partner in Bangalore, India, is also an architect. Some of our local partners are not the operators themselves, but are organizations capable of building networks, creating buzz and publicity and stimulate new value creation.

We like to keep things simple, open and just start working together on the base of trust and friendship. Money has to be made for sure, but we think there is more to life than just money.

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