Co-working, the next step?

This week we hosted the Let’s Cowork week at Seats2meet Utrecht CS. A week in which we wanted to share the way we cowork with people who are not yet familiar with us. For us, coworking is all about connecting, collaborating and growing and these features were indeed the base of our week.

What we did during Let’s Cowork Week

We started the days with an offline check-in (besides the normal online check-in of course), where all participants shared who they are, what they were working on and where they could use some help.

To start the day like this has some huge advantages. It gives you the motivation to start and you really feel the connection with the people who checked in with you. This makes it easier to talk to some one when you have a question and you will get in touch with a wider network of people.

Connecting on a deeper level

During the week I realised that people connected quicker on a deeper level and learned from all the beautiful stories our speakers shared. On Monday Alex Malone from Meetings in the Sun shared her story on how to be a Digital Nomad, on Tuesday I shared the story on how to create the life that suits you best, on Wednesday Jip de Ridder told us all about taking your insurance to another level with Commoneasy, on Thursday André Ordas shared his story on how to make impact as a leader and on Friday Joëlla van der Boom shared her story on personal branding.


We hosted this week in the middle of summer. The result being that not many people showed up on this first event. Of course that was somewhat disappointing, but the good thing was that there still were a lot of nice connections and the inspiration flowed for those who did show up.

It was a good experiment and something that we can add as a monthly, weekly or yearly program for coworking spaces. Because, even though we all love to work online and location independent for our business to flourish, we need other people. And you never know how much value other people’s networks are. So what would it take for you to start your coworking day by getting a group of people together to share and connect at the start of the day, have lunch and maybe someone feels the desire to share something he’s good at, or you end the day with dinner or drinks together. It makes you feel less lonely as an entrepreneur and your network will grow definitely.