Checking in at Neude


If you downloaded the Serendipity Machine app you might have notice that beyond being able to check in and getting connected in S2M locations, you can also check in in public spaces. Spots where people gather and are open to everyone are the perfect place for Serendipity to happen! I am talking about Neude, in Utrecht, the Dam Square in Amsterdam or Central Park in New York.

The Serendipity possibilities in those places are infinite, and we want to make them more than possibilities, but a reality. Also we want to connect those places to other places that want to be part of the ecosystem, as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, coworking or even offices. After all we are not enclosed in cages anymore and don’t need to be from 5 to 9 in only one place. It’s all about remote work and getting connected!

Want an example? Well, I start the day working at the S2M international office, which shares its space with other companies as Masterpiece and de Broekriem. During the morning I am working on Social Media and get matched with the people inside the office that are working with that as well and we can exchange valuable insights. After all you never know it all about social media.

On lunch, since the sun is out, I go out and check in in Neude, where I can also check in and who know who I can meet – that why it’s called Serendipity – it’s unexpected! And then why not finish the day at Social Impact Factory meeting people that know all about inspiring and creating impact? Then it’s time to go home, where, for now, I check out.

That’s not everyday, yesterday was different and tomorrow I don’t know. But isn’t that the beauty of the new way of working? You can also check in in Piazzas in Italy, in colonial squares in Cuba, in Markets in Boston and more. Download the Serendipity Machine app on google play and tell us your experience!