Bundles and Moyee Coffee get together to create the most sustainable coffee subscription


Bundles.nl is a service that allows people to rent washing and drying machines in the Netherlands. They also provide maintenance services, and to keep it sustainable they deliver the devices with the best energy rating there is. So yes, you also save on your bills!

This month they went beyond and partnered up Moyee Coffee. The company’s mission is to have the best quality coffee and give back to the community that produces the coffee in Ethiopia. That means that the coffee is not only cultivated there, but it is also toasted and packaged there, creating more jobs, and value for the local community.

Ok, that’s cool. But how do I drink this coffee? Well, with the practicality of professional coffee machines, made by Siemens. Siemens developed a coffee machine which is completely in line with Bundles ideology. That means that beyond the quality of its coffee machine, Siemens is also offering to maintain, repair, refurbish and recycle all the machines.

And what makes the subscription smart? You can connect your machine to the internet, and they will take care of providing you the coffee when there is a lack of the same. You don’t have to worry about coffee ever again, have a responsibly produced coffee and not for the same price as the market offers. What else have you asked for, right? You can subscribe for the pilot here.