Blu Connect evening at Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Noordwijk


Blu Connect is the regular networking event that Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Noordwijk organizes 4 times a year for entrepreneurs from various regions. Every Blu Connect evening includes a 3-course meal dinner with matching wines, that guests are welcome to enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere of the hotel lobby and dining hall. And what makes this evening so special is that dinner is interrupted with “activities” that facilitate interaction, networking and creative learning.

All workshops are given by experts and are usually divided into two parts: an introductory/theoretical part and a practical/interactive one. Every event has a different topic, that can be nearly anything! “Once we had an art historian who was telling us a lot about photography and then sent us through the whole building with a camera” – says one of the participants of the Blu Connect.

Other examples would be a blind wine tasting, star, and satellite gazing on the roof of the hotel and many more. The last edition of Blu Connect, that took place on February 28th, 2019, was  “The truth about lying” by Mirjam Pels.


You are welcome to the next Blu Connect event: experience the great hospitality of Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, expand your network and learn from professionals!


All photographs: Maria Averina