How about a Blockchain getaway in Bali?


Pandorahub, one of our collaborators, is screening 15 successful founders from around the globe any industry for a Cross-Cultural Acceleration in Bali (April 9th-16th). This will be the 2nd edition of an intense 7-day experiential consultancy journey mixing successful founders and managers from all over the world who are willing to uplift themselves and their businesses.. Seems application interviews have already started. You will find details about it below. If you have any doubt, you can get directly in touch with the founder here

How does it look like?

What do you get?  

  • Getting shorter term results
  • Growing your business without the need of a VC (or a second round)
  • Sustaining success skipping burn out
  • Building meaningful connections and business opportunities with other successful founders and top level mentors
  • Focusing on abundance vs getting blocked by scarcity
  • Trying out the location independent lifestyle in the digital nomad Mecca of Bali

A glimpse on the program and mentors:

This is a 100% hands-on process for boosting an specific milestone in your business roadmap. Disruptive business hacks are simplified and brought to you in a way that can be used right away. Each participant will be working in his/her own business, having one-o-one mentorship with the experts and punctually getting/giving feedback + co-creating with other participants.Here a glimpse on the contents:

  • Pentagrowth and how to apply the 5 levers for an autonomous exponential growth by Javi Creus (Author at Pentagrowth)
  • Human Centric Design and UX by Melissa Loh (Founding partner at Goodstartups) and Diana Moret (Founder at Pandorahub)
  • Product Design Sprints and Lean Pivoting by Ian Collingwood (Co-Founder at Pollen Accelerator)
  • Business breakthrough, performance, productivity and burn out optimization by
  • Growth Hacking and how to get more results with less effort by Luisa Ábalo
  • (Re)pricing strategies and 360º sustainable business by Johnny Azpilicueta (Corporate Change & Knowledge Management Facilitator)
  • Business Authenticity by Ariadna Esteve (Co-Founder at Mrs Kaplan) and Diana Moret
  • Dragon Dreaming applied to organizations by Johnny Azpilicueta
  • Meditation & Yoga by Pedro Salazar
  • Ecstatic Dance and or other activities TBC

Key facts on the program:

  • Top level mentors: You will count on the dedicated support of a group of business mentors and consultants with 10-15 years of experience on their fields
  • 100% hands-on and practical approach: No master classes, you will get things done & hands dirty, master business hacks and bring your business to the next level by yourself.
  • Cross-Cultural: we are accurately choosing 20 purpose-driven participants mixing successful founders coming from anywhere in the world.

    • 10 Nomad founders who are managing their businesses from paradise

    • 5 International founders living in big cities around the world

    • 5 sponsored Balinese Founders

  • Location-immersive: we will life in a typical Balinese Villa and will colive with rural Balinese entrepreneurial communities for 2 days

  • People Centred: we are proficiently screening purpose-driven founders moved by a clear mission, cause or vocation. And first step in the process is inspiring the founder on identifying his/her core values and culture + giving him/her tools for infusing them into the day to day basis.

  • Impact-driven: You will be sponsoring the participation of 5 impact driven Balinese founder so you will have the chance to experience how smart local businesses deal turn scarcity on wealth


What is it and what is not?

  • An intense process of business acceleration with only one day off during a week
  • An experiential business consultancy focused on short-term business results (aprox. six months after the program)
  • An opportunity for ​​accelerating one specific milestone or challenge on your roadmap
  • A fun way to receive support and consultancy services from top level mentors and advisors (average fee of 800 € per day), since you will be while sharing their time cost with other Founders
  • An opportunity to interact with other successful founders from diverse cultures (the last edition we brought together 12 different nationalities)
  • One way to test for one week how does it feel like the location independent lifestyle
  • Trying out some of the hot spots for this international movement (such as Hubud or Green School)
  • Get to know and have dinner with nomad startup Founders that are already living the location independent dream
  • Take advantage of the trip to explore opportunities to expand your business in Asia (Pandorahub can introduce you to a network of key players in the world startup accelerators such as South East Asia and coworking spaces)

What is not?

  • 50%-50% workation (much likely 80% work + 20% vacation)
  • A group of entrepreneurs in an isolated village with no contact or interaction with the entrepreneurial nomad and/or local community
  • A week working on remote computer around a pool