Best 5 Assessment Tools In The Midsts Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

Best 5 Assessment Tools In The Midsts Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. There aren’t many things it hasn’t impacted at least a little, and the world of education and business has suffered quite the blow.

Assessment practices switched to the internet, and new online assessment tools have replaced groups, one-on-one evaluations in person, and among other things, the whole process of assessment.

Many different online assessment tools serve many different purposes. Some pieces of online assessment software have been around for quite a while, and a bunch of them have emerged recently. In this article, we’re going to review five of the best online assessment tools that the internet offers, all of which you can find below.


ProProfs Online Assessment Softwareproprofs online assessment software

When it comes to education and business online assessment tools, you can’t go wrong when working with ProProfs. ProProfs is one of the best established online assessment tools around and has quite a reputation for aiding education specialists and business managers in their assessment practices.

Unlike most other platforms, ProProfs takes a note from the simplistic book. While the user isn’t bombarded with sophisticated options, the complexity offered to the user is simplified through the gorgeous GUI interface.

Through ProProfs, both educators and business managers can create new assessment tests for their employees or students without any prior coding knowledge. Not everyone is as tech-savvy as professional programmers, and ProProfs understands that.

That is why ProProfs allows you to create exciting assessment quizzes, forms, and surveys, create specialized certifications, and automatically grade participants.




Mettl is a great assessment tool with a primary focus on educators. It allows people to conduct assessments on vast amounts of people at once, up to 200 different candidates. It helps educators and employers filter out their students and candidates and establish who truly stands out.

It’s a platform that places a primary focus on efficiency and allows people to participate in lateral testing. Since the platform requires absolutely no prior coding knowledge to use, it’s an excellent option for anyone who is looking to create a quick test.

It allows you to divide your test into many modules and enable the assessment manager to pick a module at random for their subjects. It also provides for randomized tests, making cheating that much harder. The module combination properties of this program make it virtually bullet-proof in its assessment capabilities.

The sheer amount of different tests available to assessment managers is astounding, and this is only complimented by the relatively low price tag placed on this superb platform.


Think Exam


Think Exam is one of the most popular online assessment platforms, due to its simplistic design and focus on corporative, education, and recruitment software. It’s a great online platform that comes jam-packed with many exciting features.

While it doesn’t come with such unique features that make it stand out, the standard features are so well optimized, they make the platform trustworthy, reputable, and, most importantly, viable.

The coronavirus outbreak has shifted the focus to platforms like this due to their ease of use, and the fact that anyone can create an engaging, interactive, and exciting online quiz – and online assessment software is the perfect solution for online quizzing.

This platform allows you to create many different tests and test modules, combining them to make a brand new, unique product. For employers, the candidate and certification management features make it ideal for rooting out the best of the best.

When it comes to educators, they can benefit significantly from the question library, time-limited online tests, and the automatic grading feature. Both of these demographics can benefit highly from the powerful analytics tools that come integrated with this program.


iSpring Suite

ispring suite

iSpring Suite isn’t an online assessment software per se. It’s an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, the world’s most popular presentation making software.

Unlike other pieces of software, the focus behind the iSpring Suite is education rather than assessment. While it does come with some assessment and analysis features, the primary focus relies on the visual presentation of the education material.

Using this program is as easy as using PowerPoint, which is already familiar to most education specialists. The eLearning industry has benefited quite a lot from PowerPoint, and iSpring Suites’ education capabilities have complimented the already familiar product perfectly.

Its only setback is the fact that iSpring Suite isn’t a standalone program. Even if it is a PowerPoint-based software solution, its interactive capabilities are immaculate.

It places a lot of focus on online seminars. It allows education specialists to steer their students in the right direction through the ample engagement opportunities that this add-on brings to the table.


Code Signal


Unlike the previous additions on this list, CodeSignal is a professional platform purposefully built around complexity and technical hiring. It is an ideal solution to software and other IT sector companies of all sizes. It allows employers to assess, certify, and quiz their potential candidates to ensure that they’re getting only the best candidates.

It is a tremendous technology-based solution for companies looking for a sophisticated, serious, and high-end online assessment solution. It allows hiring managers and business owners to make a streamlined hiring tunnel to make professionals stand out among the crowd purposefully.

This platform supports over 79 different programming languages, libraries, and frameworks – making it ideal for employers in the IT sector. It allows employers to accurately predict the skill level of any given candidate, and the analytics tool will enable them to assess their potential performance.

Education and employment are changing each day, but the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the industry by a considerable margin. The two sectors are never going to be the same after the pandemic ends – and online assessment will replace traditional assessment in due time.