The nature of the spaces we work in determines how we work, the quality of our creation, and our satisfaction along the way. Until recently, the form and function of workspaces has been dictated by corporate tradition. Yet a growing proportion of workers are now remote employees, freelancers, contractors or small companies that have the opportunity to redefine the concept of the workspace for themselves. Deskmag is the magazine about the new type of work and their places, how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them. We especially focus on coworking spaces which are home to the new breed of independent workers and small companies.


Bewust-Zijn van (onze) energie / Tianne van Woudenberg

Alles is energie. Einstein zei het in 1915 al.  Het is een groot begrip, sterker nog: een groots fenomeen. Eigenlijk te groot voor ons mensen...
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