Arts and Electronics in the mix

Say hello to Circuit Scribe!

Say hello to Circuit Scribe! It makes it possible to electronify your art

What are we talking about?  

A rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink.

What can you do with it?

You can draw circuit boards onto paper and other flexible substrates.

It is a simpler, less messy and more fun alternative to breadboards. All that is required is a battery, paper, and LED. By using the pen to draw lines with the silver ink, anyone can create functioning circuits.

See, discover & try how it works!

Visit the Permanent Future Lab at Seats2Meet Utrecht CS and mix your art with electronics too!

Not convinced yet? Well, then check out the video blog! It is with Ecuadorian musician, actor, tv-producer and Girls in Tech promoter Angela Peñaherrera. She recently visited Seats2Meet Utrecht CS during the Global Conference and fell in love with it!