Are you happy as an entrepreneur?


Why are entrepreneurs, well…. entrepreneurs? Are they as happy as they say they are, and what is it that makes them happy (or not…) Is happiness a prerequisite to being successful or is it the other way around?

I asked this question to several entrepreneurs and some looked at me like…..Hans, this is obvious! First, comes success and then happiness. But also received answers the other way around. So this made me think. When is an entrepreneur successful and happy, and what influences your performance as an entrepreneur. So I decided to dive into this matter and came up with a survey to check it out in the field. If you are an entrepreneur (also ex/wannabe)  please complete this survey. Warning! Some questions will make you think!? You could see this survey as a reality check.

Okay, sent me to the survey now, so I can check it myself!

For more info on the background of this research see: