An intern at Utrecht CS, all the way from Nepal


“You wanna give up just by looking at the thrones but darling, don’t you want the roses?”

After 3 months of paper works and a long journey full of hard work, patience and fight against the reality, here I am in the Netherlands, living my dreams. Dreams do come true when the passion is real and struggle is hard. I lost hopes and broke down many times when there were obstacles one after another. This internship and traveling to Europe is a big hope to change the reality of where I belong. The hopes are to be confident, independent and courageous enough to fight against what is wrong, for freedom and hence to set an example for many others back in my country where most women are not even allowed to dream.

To avoid and escape the forceful and unwanted situations of my life right after graduation, I dreamed about an internship in Europe. Hopefully this will further open other doors of opportunities or at least I get to live my dream life in these 5 months. Luckily it happened to be in the Netherlands. People are so open minded, helpful and above all almost everyone speaks English. Here, what matters the most is individual’s choice and freedom. In Nepal, we live all our life for others. At school, it’s decided by others what subjects we are going to learn. At home, it’s decided by parents and relatives about what we do and even with whom we spent our life with. At work, we have been told what to do and how to complete it like a sincere machine. But here, the first question people ask is “What do you want?” It really makes me feel valued.

Being inside the office of Utrecht CS, on the first day just dropped my jaw and left my eyes wide open. I got a cultural shock here which I haven’t got before while getting into the country. What gave me so is the concept of the company and the individuals who co-work here. My mind was full of questions such as “Why can’t people have meetings or training’s at their own company or space?”, ” Why don’t the entrepreneurs just work at their houses?” and the social capital concept? Just at next level for me. Basically everything happening here is all unfamiliar and a discovery for me. So i feel a kind of nervous and confused. But at the same time I am more than happy to be a part of this unique environment.

My internship coach says we will take it slow and steady so that I adapt to everything and everyone along with time. Step by step to work, learn and grow. So here I am, starting the first week of internship, writing my story with a coffee by my side and without any work stress. My first experience here teaches me about the importance of working environment in order to be creative, mindful and productive. with its beautiful interiors, layouts and facility of drinks and foods can provide anyone the office feeling. People sitting around and working on their laptops are unknown to me. They change every day and I’ve hardly spoken to anyone yet I feel like they are all my colleagues and we are working for a common purpose. Friendliness and motivation is in the air here. Since learning is a never ending process, I am getting to know something more each day and I am liking it.

Another journey begins…