Amsterdam, June 19: Here2Start Fest – The Launch of International Entrepreneurship Network


H2S Fest is dedicated to all international entrepreneurs looking to get their business started in the Netherlands. The first edition of our event invites future and current business owners to learn and network around fundamental aspects related to entrepreneurship such as startup visa, Dutch taxation, business planning, ideation workshops and more. The event consists of a Day and Evening program specially designed by international entrepreneurs.

Day Program – Here2Start Fest

Current and future international entrepreneurs are welcome to join simultaneous sessions hosted by Experts and International Entrepreneurs between 10:00 until 17:00. Feel free to choose your preferred topics delivered via 1-1 consultancy sessions, workshops and presentations and brainstorming and ideation rooms.

1-1 Consultancy sessions: Startup Visa Application Q&A, Dutch Taxes, Company Registration, Business Coaching, Online Marketing, Financial Planning.
Workshops: Business Model Canvas, Your future MVP, How to Pitch like a Pro, How to Build your Brand, Lean Market Validation, Your Business Vision Box, Life balance of an entrepreneur.
Presentations: Startup Visa Checklist, The Dutch Startup Ecosystem, Taxes for Entrepreneurs, How to Do Business with Dutch People, How to Scale, All about Funding & Subsidies.  
Brainstorming and ideation rooms: Find your co-founder, The Wall of Shame, Ask Anything Cafe, Elevator Pitch video recording, the Gift room, Validate your idea.

Evening Program – Here2Start Launch

During the evening we will celebrate the launch of H2S with international entrepreneurs and key stakeholders of the startup ecosystem such as incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, governmental and academic programs related to entrepreneurship.   

18:00-18:15: Reception and Welcome Drinks
18:15-18:45: Keynote How to Succeed as an International in the Netherlands (aka How not to Doe Normaal)
18:45-19:30: Panel Discussion – Crossing Borders: A dialogue between international entrepreneurs and the key actors of the Dutch startup ecosystem
19:30-20:00: Networking Speed Date – Let’s Talk Business
20:00-20:30: Chin Chin – Official Launch: Toasting and Picture Time


Day Program:

Full Ticket – € 49,99

Early bird –  €24,99

Students – €9.99

Evening program: Free!

For more info on the program and to buy your ticket, please visit the website