Airbnb Experience: The Service that promises to change tourism as we know it

    By now we all probably know about airbnb, the website that allows anyone to rent a house or a room for tourists during a short amount of time. This service already changed tourism industry and is making big hotel chains lose sleep, as now we have the option to define rates ourselves.

    Foreseeing another problem that tourists suffer they created the airbnb experience. Imagine that you are in a city that welcomes millions of tourists per year, let’s use New York as an example. If you visit the the main touristic points, such as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty the chances are you are going to spend hours on the line to get in, and only minutes enjoying the sights. Not to mention the prices to go to these places, they are usually quite expensive. At the end you will have spent most of your time and money on things that may not be the best option in town.

    Airbnb experience allows you to hire a local to give share experiences with you. For now they have been testing the city of San Francisco. Someone who lives there can enter the website and offer to give yoga classes, to throw a party, go sightseeing in the neighborhood, among other experiences that one can share with tourists. The people visiting San Francisco in other hand, can analyze what kind of experience fits them and what price they can afford, avoiding the same old and , most of the times, boring packages that travel agencies offer.

    Have different, unique experiences at a fair rate, that’s what airbnb experience offers. Locals don’t need a spare room to get money with the website, they can sell their knowledge and information about the place they live. Experiences can vary from a yoga class in a park, to help tourists explore a neighborhood or have them at parties or dinners.