Adobe has opened its Creative Residency Applications

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

Every year Adobe hosts its Creative Residency, inviting artists from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany to apply for a one-year residency. No, that does not mean that the artists have to relocate. While you can stay living in your own house, Adobe does support the residents financially to travel during 25% of the time they are making the residence. Residents can travel to events hosted by Adobe such as Creative Jams and Adobe MAX.

The residents will also get a full salary for the whole year they are participating in the program. The goal is that they can work in an authorial project, which in the end, will be owned solely by the resident itself. This year Adobe is looking for creative minds working on UX/UI Design, Photography, Digital Drawing and Painting, Graphic Design and Online Video.

Beyond the financial support, Adobe also offers a mentorship, all the Adobe package (of course) to all residents plus all the necessary hardware. For that Adobe created an application asking its possible residents to answer about their project, how they intend to contribute to the creative community and what does it teach other creative minds. You will also need to declare which tools you are using and what is your budget (excluding your salary, living expenses, and travel costs).

Are you curious? Well, even if you are not an eligible creative mind for the residency you can follow up with the current residents in the Adobe online magazine, as they tell a bit about themselves, their project and also give some very valuable tips! By the way, that’s the only thing that Adobe asks in return; for the residents to share their stories and progress with the creative community. Be that by writing blogs, on their own social media or speaking on events. This could also mean they are doing it for social capital, very much like in Seats2meet.

And what if you are an eligible person for the Creative Residency? Well, you can click here and see how to apply. Also, notice that Adobe shared a blog on how to shine in your application. Good luck and may the force be with you!