Ada Kaspersma brings high level consultancy for entrepreneurs


Last week I was lucky enough to meet Ada Kaspersma. She is a force of nature who lived in Belgium, America, France and ended up in Utrecht, where she studied psychology and in Amsterdam, where she studied communication. For a long time she worked in corporate companies as consultancy and law firms. Five years ago was when she had a change of heart.

Realizing that the corporate world wasn’t for her anymore, she drifted to an entirely different field: jewelry. She started the web shop four years ago. As you can imagine from the name, the accessories are not only for an aesthetic purpose. Ada knows and explains which kind of energy each stone transmits. For example, Prehnite is suitable for personal and spiritual growth, Labradorite is protective, and Amethyst is purifying.

At the same time, she realized that having focused and being organized enough to start a business is a large advantage she acquired when working at her previous jobs. New entrepreneurs and freelancers face the same challenge, so why not help them? Ada started writing business plans for entrepreneurs until it occurred to her that it is essential for every entrepreneur to go through the steps like doing the research and making decisions themselves. That’s when she changed it to a coaching format.

Adalyse is now a guiding format for new entrepreneurs who are looking for a clear strategy and vision for their new companies. Her services include an online program, templates for several businesses analysis, access to a Facebook group with exclusive information and the other entrepreneurs in the program, the business plan she created for Be Balanced Beads as an example and one on one coaching Skype calls.

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