A moment of pause…


We are consciousness. Such an amazing beings. Able to create any reality want. Able to express in whatever way we desire. You are it. I am it. We are it. Know this. Feel this. So we can become energetic masters of life!

Through the way we look at life and the way we direct our attention, we create our state of being. This is our alignment to who we most authentically are. Perhaps this is already as a living experience.  Perhaps you’ve experienced moments of oneness, love and creation flowing through you, perhaps you’re feeling down, stuck or out of alignment at the moment. No matter “where” you are, you are creation. You are live, able to redirect your attention. Able to use your awareness into creating a state of being, and consequently a life that feels true to you. I’ve been through many energetic ups and downs myself during my life. Feeling total connection, inspiration, oneness, flow, bliss and creative joy to being stuck, hopeless, like a victim turning to a perpetrator. We are all of it. And we can choose. Choose for what feels most authentic. Choose for what’s most natural.

Here and now life is open. Here and now I, you and we can tune into what’s alive in us. Redirecting our attention inwards into our body, emotional body and creation itself. We are conscious beings. Creators of our reality. Creators of our state of being and perception of life. Able to choose here and now for what most resonates and feels true to us, caring for ourselves and the greater collective.

So use your awareness to activate yourself. Use your awareness to become who you are, what feels true for you. Become the expression of life that you came here to be. Become the love and light that you are. Master your energy. Feel into the ease of awareness. Gently play with your attention. Through your body. Take a breath. Forget everything for a few seconds. Allow ease to come into your experience. You are one with ease. You are one with creation. You are it.

Feel into this connection. Feel into the sensations. Let ideas gently come into your experience. Feel into them. Play with them. Contemplate. Let the connection become more and more a part of your experience. Get used to being connected. Get used to feeling good. Let your inner knowing become the dominant way of going through life. Notice how you feel throughout the day. Play with how certain ways of looking at life make you feel. Notice that when you put output before flow you’re destroying. Notice that when you think you know, you block yourself. Let the ease become one with you. Notice the joy of truthful and inspired expression. Notice the joy of being you. Notice how beautiful and creative you are. Notice and enjoy yourself. And allow yourself to feel bad sometimes. Connect back in with the ease. Connect back in with yourself and your body. Take a break for a minute. Breathe in. Feel how your words find resonance in the world. Feel when they find resistance. Play with this. Laugh at this. Be curious about it. You are beautiful no matter what. Just like anybody else. Be your beauty. Learn to play. Learn to express and to create. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are consciousness. You are life.

Inner and outer resonance

Once you get a hack of this, follow your joy inside and outside. Follow the ideas that excite you. Share them. Find the people who resonate with your ideas. And likewise, join the ideas and people you resonate with. Get more in tune with what feels true for you. Try new things and perspectives. Try and experience how this feels. You are all of it. You can choose and get to know what feels most like you at that moment. Cultivate your inner knowing. Cultivate your ability to choose how you see life and creation. Act accordingly. Adjust when necessary. Play! Tune back into yourself. Let the discomfort come into your experience. Integrate it. Bring awareness to it. Find and understand it. Forget it to find space to make new choices in your perspective. In your energy. Play. You are already perfect. Nothing can harm this. Give yourself the space to play. Forget what (you think) people think. Notice the way your attention can focus, on creation and on thoughts. Notice how it feels. Tune into your feeling state and find what’s naturally true for you. Get used to your truth.

So come, let’s create. Let’s design new realities for the world. Realities that serve the greater collective. We can make and create the most amazing universe. Activating all of our potentials as conscious beings. Let’s create the basics. Let’s get into alignment with our own mission and life purpose.

In love,

Ewoud Venema

I share about the process of resonant creation and authentic expression. I catalyze and inspire a world of love and alignment to authentic creation.

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