A magic door


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A magic door

This tableau shows a gate constructed by some wood in een open field. The gate carries a name tag: “Seats4Silence Ring 3 times”. Behind this gate some people are performing different kind of jobs.


The inspiration of the presentation of the second group at the Seats4silence summit was the image of an open door made by Jan Wolkers when he stayed for a period at Rottumerplaat.

The whole scene symbolizes the transformation one experiences of the self while visiting the Seats4silence platform/ community (‘passing the wooden gate’). Magically  you get access to all your potential talents as a result of the relaxing and inspiring environment.

platform 9,75Like Harry Potter whose talents to bewitch are always there – but magically flourish after passing the wall at stage 9 3/4.

Exactly how Joe Pine describes it in his book about the experience economy. The experience at a Seats4silence location is more than just good service! The guest experiences a better self -feels better and inspired – and becomes familiar with his unknown talents.

The experience already starts at the booking platform. The transformation becomes apparent directly after you decided to work in a different way and you log in to the reservation system. All modes of transport are magically presented to you. You just need to follow the instructions and you are delivered at the desired location. Like Harry Potter who easily travels by chimneys.

The above shows one of the presentations about how Seats4silence looks in 2 years,  at Seats4silence summit last June.

How can we realize this experiences? This group discussed:

  • Do we need physical entries, rituals or other symbols?
  • How do we analyze the strength of each location?
  • How do we analyze the effects different local energies have on your talents?
  • How can we smoothen the booking experience to become so magical, we can’t resist leaving the city?

What do you think about it?

Do you have any ideas let us know below. Or just visit one of our locations to experience the possibilities yourself. We are curious to your feedback.