9 Powerful Tools Designed for Every SaaS Startup Success


Software as a service, commonly referred to as SaaS, has become an essential platform for millions of businesses. As a SaaS business owner, you want things to run smoothly, and that is precisely what online tools do. It facilitates you will essential functions through cloud-based software tools specially designed to help you.

For a successful SaaS business venture, there is quite a lot that has to be done in just a day. You have to send emails, update your social media pages, make calls, and so much more. In basically all industries, even casinos that you have to pay by mobile slots need a well-structured system. And truth be told, this is quite overwhelming. You might do it well on day one, but till day five, you will be wholly worn out, so what do you do? 

Well, luckily, there is SaaS, which will get all that done plus more. But then again, what does SaaS stand for?

SaaS stands for software as a service. Its definition and what it does is discussed in the next section.

What Is SaaS and What Does It Do?

SaaS is a software delivery system that gives the possibility to access information from any compatible device with an enabled internet connection. The SaaS industry is a cloud-based model that then hosts other software vendors through their servers.

What Are Some Examples of SaaS Operated Companies?

Some known examples of SaaS companies are:

  • Google Apps
  • Dropbox
  • Hubspot, and so much more

The list could go on and on, but the point is that you get the general idea of what SaaS software is. With that said, you have to realize that SaaS products have been in use for small businesses to help them grow. And that is why we are looking into the top 9 that can support startups in the business world.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. G-Suite

G-Suite is one of the most robust SaaS solutions for a productive work front. As a business startup, you mostly commence with a limited number of staff members. But you still have to cover all the bases to maximize productivity. The emails must be sent promptly, calls returned, and so much more. With G-Suite, you will have a smoother, streamlined way to get all these done.

It helps you with emailing, scheduling of meetings, tasks, and find all your documents in one place. Being a Google powered software, you will be able to sync all your data from all your Google accounts from the calendar, G-mail, sheets, and even docs.

G-Suite in the Saas market will provide your business with its own tailor-made email address. This will help you keep your work emails separate from your personal ones. Secondly, you will get unlimited storage space for all your data. Thirdly, team collaboration is highly optimized in this SaaS. And lastly, your data is secured, and the software is very affordable.

2. Grammarly 

Everything to do with the SaaS sector revolves around the use of words. How you communicate with your customers and leads is through language. And so all your written text must be grammatically correct. The SaaS tool that will get that done is Grammarly. 

The emails you write, the texts you send as well as the social media captions you update must be correct for better readability. Well, some people might argue that a basic grammar checking app might do it, but the advantages Grammarly has are beyond a simple check. When you run your text through the software, you get suggestions on vocabulary related to your field, set a tone, and, most importantly, get verified for uniqueness. You do not always have to run your texts on the Grammarly app if you have enabled it on your browser. As you type, small mistakes are highlighted for a quick fix. 

You certainly do not want to sound like a million other businesses on emails, and Grammarly will give your language the boost it needs.

3. Buffer 

Ever wondered why some business platforms are always punctual on their social media postings? Indeed someone may be very much on time posting on a specific day, but when the timing is always the same, a SaaS company such as Buffer may be in play. With Buffer, you will have an easier time updating your social media platforms.

You can plan and schedule beforehand the posts to put up on a specific day at a particular time. Alongside this privilege, you will get the analytics on the individual posts, and this will help you accurately gauge their success rates.

4. Mailshake 

Want to shake things up? Try Mailshake to revolutionize your email marketing. Through this SaaS product, you will be able to automize your email delivery system. You will also enjoy a very straightforward way to create campaigns and be able to manage them as easily, too.

To create a campaign, you select just one of the many templates found and fill it in with what you want. The number of automated features is also imposing, which is essential for any business startup. Lastly, the analytics and reports offered are very detailed and comprehensive. 

5. Wistia SaaS

We have all been here, imagine watching a video on a site only to be interrupted with an ad! That just kills the mood of wanting to finish the video, especially if you cannot skip it. Wistia, one of the SaaS trends, will put all this behind. The platform is business-friendly, has built-in analytics, and the videos are SEO optimized. It also allows the owner to customize their profile and integrate call-to-action in the videos.

The video you host on these SaaS platforms has your business email embedded in it. This can then be redirected to wherever you wish, be it your email, social media profile, or your website. In case you get into any issue, the Wistia support team is available around the clock to fix the problem.

6. Canva 

The imagery on any site has to be appealing for lead generation and client retention. And one SaaS to get that done is Canva will millions of templates. You can create posters, social media posts, brochures, banners, and so much more. You name it, Canva has it. Every single creation with Canva results in very appealing visuals.

Now here’s the kicker:

Most of Canva’s tools are free, and the ones on purchase are very affordable. Additionally, all your designs are saved automatically in their database, and you can revisit whenever you want. Once you are done with a model, you can easily share it on most of the social media platforms.

7. Buzzsumo 

If you want to be successful in the online business space, you have to make sure that your content is relevant to your target audience. There is no need to post cat videos if your business has nothing to do with cats. Hence Buzzsumo helps you develop content that your fans will appreciate and find helpful.

Once you get here, you receive prompt alerts on keywords and topics, making rounds in the SaaS industry. And this helps you narrow down the things you will use in the making of your content. You also get alerts on backlinks and even what the competitors are up to. If you are to embrace that edge in the industry, Buzzsumo will help you.

8. Docusign 

Traditionally, when the boss was out of the office, things stopped, especially if they were the final signatory on crucial matters. Fortunately, for a problem as such, Docusign came as a viable fix. Today, you can cut the delay and dispatch documentation promptly via Docusign to your boss wherever they are. And they get to send an e-signature after taking a look at the paperwork via an internet-enabled device.

This SaaS is not only used internally but can also be utilized beyond the scope of your organization. You can send contracts to buyers, lawyers, and other officials to get signatures via DocuSign. This SaaS product is simple to implement; it works with already existing devices and applications in your office and is very reliable since it is used worldwide.

9. Basecamp 

If you are in the project management department of any company, you have to admit that if you do not do ample planning, a lot could go wrong. Not meeting a deadline could perhaps be the worst scenario, but you may avoid that. Want to know how?

Basecamp is a SaaS company that will help you properly plan out all your projects. You will be able to assign tasks, track their progress, and meet the deadlines promptly. Additionally, you can add all members in the workplace who are to be collaborators in the project. Each person will be able to see what they are to, and once they are done, they update the progress on the SaaS platform


As a SaaS startup business, you have so much to get done in such a small amount of time. And if you dilly-dally, you will find yourself and your business dragging behind with incomplete tasks, deadlines to beat, and so many misfortunes. Well, luckily, the SaaS products named above can come to your rescue. The SaaS pricing of a majority is mostly free, and others are quite affordable. So, if you have been wondering how a no deposit casino gets alerted on the deal you just enrolled in, now you know. And if you have more SaaS companies that have personally helped your startup, do share with us. How have you been using online tools in your day to day tasks?