7 Side Hustle Ideas to Try When You Still Work Full Time


Insightful research reveals that 45% of working U.S. individuals have a side hustle. Moreover, 73% of those side hustlers earn up to $500 per month.

A side hustle helps you earn extra money while maintaining your 9-5 jobs. It’s also an excellent way of pursuing your hobby productively and offers you to polish your skills.

Here we discuss the seven side hustle ideas you can do while maintaining your day job:


Consider offering services as a consultant, especially if you have a unique skill set in marketing. To excel in this side hustle, you must have immense knowledge and experience to score clients.

Marketing consultants boast various backgrounds and specialties, such as:

  • Generalists help clients create strategies
  • Email marketers help businesses grow their newsletter
  • Social media managers help clients boost their social media presence
  • Content creation help companies create specialized content

Marketing consultants can find clients through their contacts lists, Fiverr marketplaces, or social media groups.

Graphic Designing

With increasing numbers of businesses investing in a website and social media marketing, graph designing is growing in high demand.

Startups and small businesses typically have a limited budget, so freelancers turn to graphic design needs.

Choosing graphic designing as your side hustle offers you unmatched time flexibility. Plus, you can work with various clients and select your hours and rates.

Web Designing

Website designers can be a side hustle, but it can also be a primary job. The job is ideal for individuals with in-depth technical knowledge, especially if you enjoy creating designs and are savvy with website building. 

Web designing offers you the flexibility to choose between a single client and multiple projects. Moreover, you can define your timeframe and availability hours.

Personal Training

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or have a wealth of knowledge of nutrition and exercise, it’s a wise idea to become a personal trainer.

Consider using your experience, knowledge, and skill set to offer personalized virtual or physical training to individuals wanting to achieve their dream body. You may even choose to create YouTube videos or broadcast lessons.

Moreover, if you have a home gym or a spare room, you’ll likely not need to make additional investments. You may even get a nutritionist certificate to help provide clients with dietary and fitness advice.

Mobile Technology Repair

If you’re someone who enjoys playing with mobiles, consider becoming a mobile technology repairer. The duties and job responsibilities of a mobile technology repairer include:

  • Advising their clients on warranty issues and recommended products
  • Installing and updating phone software
  • Replacing damaged parts and components like LCD screens, batteries, buttons, and keypads 
  • Running tests to assess the mobile phone’s functionality
  • Troubleshooting wiring problems

To become a mobile technology repairer, you must know about androids, electronics, iOS, mobile device software frameworks, windows phones, and mobile operating systems. In addition, you should have the following soft skills:

  • Applying company policies
  • Creating solutions through critical-thinking
  • Maintaining equipment and inspect  
  • Operating two-way radio systems
  • Providing customer information
  • Repairing mobile phones
  • Using repair manuals
  • Utilizing precision tools

Excel in your side hustles as a mobile technology repairer by leveraging state-of-the-art portable tools like a small multimeter. These easy-to-carry and revolutionary tools enable technicians to troubleshoot electronic problems quickly and efficiently.


According to in-depth research by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 4.3 million new businesses started across the country. It led to a 24.6% increase in new business.

Thus, it’s clear that the demand for bookkeepers is only increasing. Bookkeepers have the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Balancing the company checkbox
  • Compiling the necessary documents for tax day
  • Doing payroll
  • Paying off vendors
  • Sending out invoices

To score a high-paying job, you may leverage bookkeeping software like Xero, QuickBooks, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves promoting products and services via digital platforms. If you have marketing and strong communication skills, you may choose to become a digital marketer.

As a digital marketer, you may choose one of the following domains: 

  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Text Messaging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

What Skills Should You Have to Succeed at Side Hustling?

Succeeding at your side hustling job requires you to have the following skillset:


Part of succeeding as a side hustler is learning to create your workflow and stay motivated. This way, you can rest assured you’ll finish your products and assignments on time.

Willingness to Learn

There’s nothing like ‘too old’ or ‘too experienced’ to learn new things. Even if you have the skills or knowledge of your potential gig, try learning something new.

Your side hustle itself is a learning experience that can help you learn new skills, develop your career, and make money.


Here’s the thing: it takes time before you can start making a lot of money through your side hustle. The money won’t automatically begin flowing.

Remember that if one side hustle doesn’t work out, you can try another.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to pursue a side gig or freelance endeavor, side hustling can help you develop a healthy income stream.

Remember that side hustles aren’t simply tools for creating a recurring income. It’s also an excellent way of learning valuable skills and growing professionally as an entrepreneur.