Niekée: S2M for schools- usercase


Inhouse solution for schools

Niekée is a coworking space within a school in Roermond, the Netherlands. By offering free coworking spaces and meetingspaces, expertise and knowledge from outside the school is brought indoors. By connecting the external knowledge and innovation to students and staff, a new way of education is being formed at Niekée.
“Niekée is the world’s first school with flexible workplaces from and we take grade pride in this. The strength lies in the link between education, business and government, and knowledge sharing.” -Jan Fasen, CEO Mundium College

Niekée is a so called Laboratorium school where our focus lies on involving the knowledge and expertise from the outside world in a new way into the education of our students. Learning in schools often focuses on the cognitive side. Niekée wants more; The school wants to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with lifelong learning in students. This ensures that students show enthusiasm for learning; stay curious; creativity, inventiveness and develop flexibility. is the perfect partner to help us make the connection with the outside world, provide insight into the different expertises and bringing the self-employed professionals to our location.


By opening our doors to self employed professionals, we offer a completely new source of knowledge to our staff and students. Staff can enrich their course materials by discussing it with these professionals and adding current case studies and innovations in the field, making it more interesting for our students and easier to relate to. On the other hand, self-employed professionals can learn from our staff how we organized this new way of learning within our school.

“We want to enable our staffand students to find knowledge within the walls of our schools and beyond. By facilitating Serendipitous encounters we enrich the ongoing education of staff and students.” -Guido van Dijk, coach and developer Agora


Niekée focuses on personalized learning paths for each child. The level, pace and present qualities of each child are leading in how education is organized and offered. We educate our students for a society in which networks and co-creation determine how successful you will be and we see our school as a marketplace where everyone is welcome, provided that your presence is in the light of the development of the children. Our partnership with enables our students to learn the skills needed to succeed in the future. Starting to network and co-create on a young age with the help of Connect and physical meetings with professionals will give our students the head start we aim to give!