5 Tips to Organize a Powerful Business Presentation


We all miss the mingling and the networking of in-person events from before the health crisis, and the entire past year has been one complex process of adapting to the new rules of the business game. As eager as we might be to set up exciting corporate events in the new normal, preferably in person, there’s an even greater need to stay vigilant and smart with our event planning and stick to small-scale events such as business presentations. 

With the right strategy, tools, and of course, the right people, your presentation can be the talk of the industry. It can help you bring your employees closer, educate your peers, build an even more prominent name for yourself, and earn yourself new clients. In the spirit of growth and advancement, let’s see how you can organize an impactful business presentation in 2021 to help your business and your industry thrive.

Build an agenda that will appeal to your guests

No amount of costly marketing can compensate for a poorly organized agenda. Your presentation and your audience’s interest in it dwell on the quality of content you intend to offer. 

  • Be clear and concise about the issue or topic you want to cover.
  • Get your audience’s input as to what they are most interested in – you can then introduce one or more speakers to accommodate their preferences.
  • Make sure your agenda is rich in interactive activities and breakout sessions. 
  • Set clear goals so that your guests will know what to expect.

Use top-notch digital communication platforms

Every business presentation needs powerful digital tools at its base in order to be impactful and memorable. In exceptionally competitive playing fields such as Australia, where businesses have had to deal with severe restrictions during the pandemic, it’s essential to leave the most powerful impression as soon as they’re able to set up a presentation. 

More brands are using interactive digital signage in Australia as well as other competitive regions in order to make their business presentations more guest-centric and diverse in content. Australian businesses are well-versed in using tech to engage an audience, so you can follow in their footsteps and leverage the finest communication tools at your disposal. 

  • Interactive digital screens enabling guest participation.
  • High-quality presentation panels to play videos of maximum quality.
  • Digital check-in systems to minimize contact while people are still vigilant due to the pandemic.
  • Top-quality sound systems for a complete experience.
  • Live support in case something goes wrong, so that you have tech people standing by to make it right.

Create some buzz beforehand

In some of Europe’s business hubs like Amsterdam or Helsinki, the startup scene has been evolving rapidly, and most customers, investors, and clients are already online most of the time. Not to mention that now, with all those pandemic-related regulations slowly lifting, more of these businesses are eager to impress their peers and grow.

With so much business-related news flying around, you’ll need to make some noise before you set up your presentation in order to gain enough traction and attract enough guests. Send out newsletters to inspire some RSVPs immediately, but also create enticing social media stories, reels, and post updates with links to the sign-up page regularly. 

Publish a PR piece to say something more about the event, too, in order to get more people interested. All these efforts will also motivate your own employees, especially if they will participate in the presentation, giving them more confidence after such a long time of no events to look forward to. 

Prepare some gifts for your attendees

Business presentations don’t end when the guests leave. They should remain relevant for much longer than that, and in order to inspire word of mouth and more buzz around the event after it’s done, you should leverage authentic corporate gifts. Depending on your brand’s identity and personality, here are a few worthy ideas:

  • Snack packets with delicious edibles, like a chocolate box or a pretzel box, and a personalized thank-you note.
  • Funky, colorful socks, especially for youthful, playful brands.
  • A power bank or a USB drive, particularly useful for tech-savvy business folk.
  • Headphones, especially noise-canceling.
  • Other wearable items like t-shirts or hoodies.
  • Mugs with a quote or question that was relevant for the event and your industry.

Inspire and anticipate audience engagement 

A presentation does evoke an image of a single person sharing their knowledge or new information in front of an audience. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should stifle audience participation or limit yourself to a single presenter. In fact, good, impactful presentations are the ones that inspire your guests to ask questions, try answering some of yours, or participate when you’re organizing a game. 

Add some group exercises people can enjoy during your presentation. They help bring people together, as singling individuals out might make them feel uncomfortable. Simple “the show of hands” icebreakers can also help make people feel like they belong, and they’ll be much more engaged with the topic at hand. If you have virtual guests joining in, you can set up a live chat feature to help them interact remotely. Allow your on-site guests to do the same, maybe some of them want more time to phrase the questions.


A business presentation hosted in your offices or a shared workspace, with few people present, can be a challenge in the new normal. Greeting people after such a long time and setting up a memorable event takes practice, and since you’ve been out of practice for a good long while, this little guide should help you prepare and deal with any potential setbacks before they occur. 

Keep in mind that your business presentation can only be as powerful as your preparation for it – so make sure to take your time when devising your agenda and marketing your event. Consider it a learning experience as well, and every future presentation will be even better for it.