5 reasons why your place should welcome people to work


So you own a location like a coffee place, a restaurant, a bar, a hotel or even a supermarket. You have good wifi, a place to seat and good coffee. People start realising that and come over to seat, work and meet. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t see an opportunity in that, but a threat. Those people stay a lot of time there and might not consume up to the time they spend there. Let me give you some reasons why this is an opportunity.

  1. They create movement

If you own a location you know that having an empty space is the death of any place. Workers create movement and come frequently, consequently you will usually have a full place, which attracts more people and clients into your space. Also, they bring their own network when they are not working or when they have a meeting, causing more people to get to know your location.

2. They want to help

Being a coworker is not only about seating and working, you meet other people and you are grateful if you find that one place where you can work without worries. As a result you are willing to help. In the seats2meet location in Utrecht we have a great example. Once in a year the owners shut down the location for cleaning, instead of hiring a company they ask volunteers among the coworkers in the location, the result? People have been helping for years and even meet and create business that way. This is how Jurjen and Samir from the Permanent Future Lab met. What help could you ask for the coworkers in your location?

3. They bring relevancy

If you have a coffee place where people only drink coffee then you are nothing more than a coffee place. That sounds obvious, I know. But when you add a new functionality, as a place where people can work, you immediately turn into something else. Let’s take Starbucks as an example, they became a worldwide company not because people think their coffee is great – although that helps. Most of all people all over the world that want a place to work pass in front of a starbucks and know that if they go in and buy a cup of coffee they will also have access to great wifi and a good environment and even have meetings. In the end that is what brings lots of clients in.

4. They bring innovation

Entrepreneurs are usually creative and innovative people. Make them your allies and you will receive a free consultancy on what you can do to make your place even better than what it already is in a creative way that no other places have thought yet. After all, that’s what entrepreneurs do.

5. Build up a community

Remember Central Perk from friends? Now that was THE place to be in the 90s. Ok, it’s easier when it is a fictional place where the most famous friends meet and you are in TV. But truth is that all group of friends want to find that one place where they can always meet. When you have a place where that happens by welcoming everyone and encouraging them to meet other people you build something special where your place is part of that community, just like central perk was the 7th friend of the series Friends.