5 companies where you can cowork


One of the major trends in the future of work is that people become more flexible in their choice of work space. Also, already existing spaces become more multi purposed, with hotel lobbies, cafes, restaurants and offices becoming high quality coworking spaces. Seats2meet is happy to be an active advocate of the change of the future of work. Hence, many of S2M locations are the ones which were repurposed for that from their original goal. Today we want to focus on the companies which decided to add coworking to their already existing operations, which often brought amazing results and serendipity!

Asr – the largest insurance company in the Netherlands also has one of the largest offices in the country. The location was fully renovated a couple years ago. Co-workers from the S2M ecosystem have a specially designated working area. Also, newcomers get a free first cup of coffee and can enjoy their breaks with games of ping pong. Asr remains a popular destination for co-working – a year after it became a S2M location, more than 1000 social capital bookings were made! Working at asr can give you glimpse into the insurance world, and possibly find out if that’s something for you – asr has many programs targeting students and recent graduates.

Address: Utrecht, Archimedeslaan 10

LAB55 – Centraal Beheer – this location creates coworking spaces in collaboration with Achmea. Achmea is a financial services company, which also provides insurance services. Co-working here, you can enjoy the vast greenery, large open spaces and free tea and coffee. An excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of finance for a day without being a finance specialist yourself.

Address: Apeldoorn, Laan van Malkenschoten 20

Dockwize – the new innovation hub in Zeeland. They offer programs to support current and aspiring entrepreneurs and help them grow and develop in every aspect during their entrepreneurial journey. If you’re fascinated by entrepreneurship, this might be just right coworking spot for you! Come in to get to know the brightest entrepreneurial minds of Zeeland and work together with them!

Address: Vlissingen, Edisonweg 41B

there is a newly established tech hub and a startup ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands. It’s located in the Netherlands hidden gem, Leeuwarden, which was also Europe’s cultural capital in 2018. There supports and facilitate coworkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, businessowners and startups and help them to create new successful businesses. If you’re a tech enthusiast, than it’s definitely an excellent idea to spend a day in there! 

Address: Leeuwarden, Heliconweg 60

Gemeente Haarlem It’s not only startup and tech companies who are discovering the benefits of adding coworking to their infrastructure, the government can sometimes be a place for innovation too! The goal of the Haarlem City Hall is to actively facilitate local residents and entrepreneurs to engage with local civil servants to solve the city’s issues together. While coworking in Gemeente Haarlem, you can meet local entrepreneurs and city officials in an informal setting during lunch and maybe even find ways for future collaboration. As a coworker, you can share your opinion with the civil servants on how to make Haarlem a more attractive destination for freelancers. 

Address: Haarlem, Gedempte Oude Gracht 2

Know another companies where you can cowork? We will be happy to hear about them!