4 Awesome books recommended by awesome people


    During the time I spent interviewing people I got tons of awesome book recommendations. I couldn’t keep that only to myself. Here are some of them.

    Book: The Lean Startup

    Author: Eric Ries

    Who recommended it: Carlos Bremer (aka my dad)

    Why: This book wasn’t actually a recommendation; my dad bought it to me. When that happens is because I really have to read it. It’s more like an obligation. The book writes how startups manage their business by being in a constant change world. It is a must read for people wanting to manage anything. From startups to big corporations thinking in an innovative and flexible way is vital nowadays. This book gives you the step-by-step.


    Book: Synchronicity, the inner path of leadership

    Author: Joseph Jaworski

    Who recommended it: Jeroen Pliester

    Why: Well, Jeroen got me. Everything he recommends I will definitely give it a try. This book he recommended to me when we were talking how disconnected companies are today both because of the leaders and the people being lead. This book is all about shaping the future in a collective way. This is the leadership ability they believe to be the most important. And looking to what is happening around us I can’t help it but agree.


    Book: Daring greatly

    Author: Brene Brown

    Who recommended it: Felix Lepoutre

    Why: Well, I already felt in love with Brene Brown when I watched her TedX last year called the power of vulnerability. Her book couldn’t be far of it. In own Felix’s word “I recommend it because I really struck a personal cord with me. It’s very exciting to read how Brene is also struggling with something you know everyone is struggling with but you feel like you are the only one. These moments where you have to dare greatly, and it’s comforting to learn that through research she proves that it’s actually worth facing your fears”. Well, I guess that says it all, right?


    Book: Love is the killer app

    Author: Tim Sanders (aka chief solutions officer in yahoo)

    Who recommended it: Martijn Aslander

    Why: I imagine Martijn will recommend this book to everyone that he talks to. One of the pages is a constant in all his talks and speeches he does all over the world. This is what it says:

    “Love is the act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your knowledge, networks, and compassion with your business partners.


    The secret to being a high-impact leader and the essence of individual and corporate success:


    Learn as much as you can as quickly as you can and share your knowledge aggressively; expand your network of people who share your values and connect as many of them with each other as possible; and, perhaps most important, be as openly human as you can be and find the courage to express genuine emotion in the harried, pressure-filled world of work.


    And one last point: behave this way not because you expect something in return – a quid pro quo – but because it’s the right way to behcase.


    The less you expect in return for acts of professional generosity, the more you will receive.”

    What a teaser, right?


    Book: The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (all of them)

    Author: Douglas Adams

    Who recommended it: I did

    Why: It’s awesome.

    See ya!