10 essential work tools if you live in the 21st century


    The work as we know is changing. Wait, is that the first time someone says that? Let’s be practical. Here are 10 (out of hundreds) tools to help you work on the 21st century.


    The dutch startup helps anyone with a passion and a project to find a team. Create your part up about a project and wait for your team to gather. People with the same interest and with abilities and talents to complement your own will see your part up and join. There you can also make schedule meetings and organize your project.


    Ok, so now you have your team on part up. But who is better to lead at each step of the project? Teamily work with the famous MBTI test that traces 4 essential personality traces to suggest whose person is better to lead in all the 16 project steps they mapped. In that way everyone practices their strengths in a smart way and the project is followed up until the end.


    Basecamp is a website where you can create several projects, add team members, create an schedule, to-dos, check everyone’s status with check ins, quick chats, upload files and post massages as updates. All of those tools combined with a really nice design to make everything organized, easy and accessible for everyone.

    Seats2meet coolworkspaces

    Even during the 21st century we need physical spaces to work and meeting people. Seats2meet locations and workspaces are in more than 20 countries. In the Netherlands the workspaces are for free. You can also check the cool workspaces pointed by the ambassadors. There you have caffes, coworking centers, university campus and all kind of awesome places you can go to work around the globe.

    Seats2meet serendipity matchmaking

    In need of help? Don’t panic. Go to a seats2meet location, check in, send an e-mail telling what you need and wait. There you will have a large network and knowledge in abundance to help you solve any problems. The best part? Those people are nearby! Have an instant meeting. Faster than ramen!


    Do you work selling files as design pieces, music, photos and videos? Well, now you have perfect platform to sell your files in a safe environment. Filepurch is a website that allows you to post your files there, as a client’s logo. They can only download it after they pay for it. In that way you have the guarantee that your services will be paid.


    So you live in New York, your app developer in Singapure, your marketing consultant in São Paulo and your partner in Berlin. You are stuck in a problem and need to make a brainstorm. Realtimeboard is the solution. You have various tools options as inserting images, text, lines, drawings, videos, post its, notes, you name it. The cool part is that more than one person can edit at once.


    Yes, we still need to scan stuff. Face it. CamScanner a free app, super easy and super efficient. I won’t even waste my time explaining how it works because it’s so easy.


    You are in a conference. By the end of the day you can have hundreds of business cards and will take forever to save all of that contacts on your phone. Samcard will scan it and save in your contacts. As easy as that.


    I bet you have never heard of this one! Yes, google. If you don’t know it here is the link: google.com. it is an awesome tool! But what I like most about it is that you can have a shared desktop with anyone from your small company. I mean, it’s the best tool to have your company’s e-mail, agenda and document storage (in google they call it drive). Everything online. You can access it from any computer or cellphone. It’s not because something is obvious that is not worth mentioning.

    Is there anything missing? Let me know by commenting!