10 Socially Impactful Resolutions


We are used to making our personal new years resolutions. But how about resolutions that would not only benefit you, but also the rest of the world? Add those 10 resolutions to your list!

A week ago 2019 has started, bringing us a new fresh beginning. Some of us might have made resolutions to make ourselves and our lives a bit better. More sports, eating heathier, quitting smoking… we are all familiar with these good old classics. At the end of the day, a better world starts with ourselves. But if want to have a positive impact not just on our own lives, but on the lives of others, we better include the next ten socially impactful resolutions in our list.

Buying less stuff

Long live minimalism! Let’s leave the values of consumerist society in the past, and switch to sustainable products, fair fashion brands and support local stores. 

Grab your bike more often

Leave your car along with traffic jams and problems with parking behind, and get on your bike! Less pollution, more physical exercises (wasn’t that you who made a resolution to exercise more in 2019 ;). And your wallet will feel the difference too! 

Switch to Timeless fashion

Seasonal trends are there to get you on a temporarily wave of common style. Don’t be afraid to be left out of mass-market trends and develop your own timeless and individual style. Vintage items, high quality clothing and unique designs will create your signature style and keep you out of overspending and trying to keep up with the fashion race.

Travel sustainably

Traveling and sustainability in one sentence? That might sound contradictory, since flying – is extremely environmentally polluting. To compensate for the CO2 emissions of your flight, choose a sustainable travel destination once in a while – bike to a small village nearby and stay there for a weekend. Discovering your own culture and roots can be a truly fascinating experience.

Eat vegetables more often

We are certainly not asking you to become a strict vegetarian, but a small effort to eat one or two meals a day without meat already counts. 

Rent and borrow more

We live in the times of the Sharing Economy. Why trying to own everything when nowadays cars, houses, tools, camping equipment, workplaces, and many other thing can be shared? Sharing is caring, after all 😉

Start by minimizing your waste production

In supermarkets, all the items are packed in plastic or cardboard – (Pre-cut) vegetables, rice, yogurt, and cheese. Is that really necessary? Switch to your local greengrocer in the neighborhood. This way you’ll not only be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables without any unnecessary packages, but will also support small businesses instead of big corporations!  

Do more yoga and/or meditation

As it was written recently, becominga zentrepreneur can make your life and life of your coworkers more meaningful and stress-free.

Let’s get digital

It is 2019, do we really still need to print everything? Switch to electronic signatures, electronic books and other digital tools that are there to substitute outdated technologies and paper waste.

Make social impact

We can all bring positive change and contribute a bit. So a better world really starts with yourself. Read here about various developments and plans for 2019 spotted by social entrepreneurs! 

We wish you a nice New Year full of positive changes!

This article is originally posted in Dutch in SIF magazine, and is written in collaboration with Suzanne van Duijn. Take a look at the blog  of Suzanne van Duijn, founder and owner of SuusjeHQ – PR & Content.