10 Reasons to work on the beach during the winter


The most recent location to join the Seats2meet.com platform and welcome freelancers and entrepreneurs for social capital is Carlton Beach, in Scheveningen. The hotel now has a structure to welcome anyone to cowork and you don’t have to wait until the summer to work with a beach view. For that, we compiled 10 reasons to work on the beach this winter.

  1. The benefits of being nearby the beach were already proven

And it doesn’t matter in which season, being nearby the beach can reduce anxiety and stress. Beyond that, it can also boost your creativity! You can read more about in the book Blue Mind by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols.

2. Getting out of your routine makes you more creative

If you work at the same location every day this might be killing your creativity. Going to a new place stimulates your brain and creates new associations, making your more creative.

3. Early sunsets and late sunrise!

It’s hard to think good of the short days, but one thing that we can’t deny is that is way easier to see the sunrise when it is at 8 am. Seeing it at the beach then? What a show! Enjoy the winter to appreciate this true nature’s spectacle without waking up super early. You can enjoy it while taking a walk in the dunes, have a breakfast and then start working at Carlton Beach at 11 am.

4. Get a boost for your energy!

The beach is already enough to renovate our energies. But at Carlton Beach, you can sum it with a raw lunch, a free fitness pass (if you work there) until the end of the year. That combo played together is the perfect booster for anyone suffering from winter sadness.

5. Get some fresh air at the dunes

Work is not all sitting in front of a computer. On the beach, you can take a break to walk through the dunes, listen to the waves and feel the ocean breeze. The good point of making it in the winter? You have the whole thing for yourself, or almost only for yourself.

6. Don’t feel like leaving? You don’t have to.

The cool thing about working on a hotel? You don’t have to leave by the end of the day! If you feel like enjoying more of your surroundings you can always book a room.

7. No freezing at your way there

The hotel stays right in front a bus stop. Don’t botter about freezing your hand while holding to your bike. Or froze your feet while walking.

8. You can also host your meeting there!

Are you having a meeting? No problems! Carlton Beach also has 7 meeting space with a view to the ocean. Perfect if you want to surprise your attendees with an inspirational and warm feeling.

9. Treat yourself

Another advantage of working in a hotel lounge? You can treat yourself and go to a Sauna, which is perfect for cold winter days, that is not for social capital, but or a small fee. Stay warm!

10. Enjoy the Holiday Vibe without leaving your country

As Nynke Willemsen already wrote in this article, there are many ways to keep that holiday vibe you have after a nice trip in your own country, or even in your city. Visiting places you’ve never been in your own country counts as one of them.

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